Trump rejects preparing to leave GOP to begin his own

Former President Donald Trump denied reports that he threatened to leave the Republican Celebration and begin his own party after losing the 2020 basic election.

The claim itself was presented in ABC Chief Washington Reporter Jonathan Karl’s upcoming book, Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show.

“ABC Non News and 3rd rate reporter Jonathan Karl have been writing phony news about me from the start of my political profession,” Trump said in a declaration responding to Karl’s claim. “Just take a look at what has actually now been exposed about the Russia, Russia, Russia scam. It was a comprised and totally made scam and the lamestream media understood it. It simply never ever ends!”


Trump also confirmed on Monday that he will be delivering a speech and participating in a roundtable later that night at the National Republican politician Congressional Committee supper in Tampa, Florida.

Karl wrote that Trump made the threat during a telephone call with Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel that took place on Trump’s last flight on Flying force One, which carried him from Joint Base Andrews outside of Washington, D.C., to his post-White House house in South Florida.

According to Karl, Trump implicated McDaniel and the RNC of failing to back his claims of election scams and stated that he would take retribution by introducing his own celebration.

“I’m done,” Karl claims Trump told McDaniel. “I’m starting my own celebration.”

McDaniel supposedly pushed back by informing Trump Republicans would “lose forever” if he did undoubtedly leave the GOP.

“Exactly. You lose permanently without me,” Trump apparently responded. “I do not care.”

Karl goes on to claim that 5 days later, the RNC threatened Trump that if he were to move on with his strategy, they would stop moneying his election scams lawsuits and in some way render the Trump project’s 40 million-strong e-mail list “useless.” Trump ultimately withdrawed his danger, according to Karl’s book.

A number of RNC officials outright denied Karl’s claims.

“This is false, I have never threatened President Trump with anything,” McDaniel said in a declaration. “He and I have a fantastic relationship. We have worked relentlessly together to elect Republicans up and down the ballot, and will continue to do so.”

3 current and previous RNC authorities also told the Washington Inspector that they had no understanding of the reported call between Trump and McDaniel nor the RNC’s reported counterthreat.

A number of Trump assistants also shot down reports in January that the previous president was checking out introducing a “Patriot Party.”

Trump’s then-spokesman Jason Miller stated at the time that Trump “has made clear his objective is to win back your home and Senate for Republicans in 2022. There’s nothing that’s actively being planned regarding an effort beyond that.”


“No, we need to not begin the Patriot Party. We need to work really hard on the Republican politician Party,” Trump’s previous acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell included an interview. “Clearly, Donald Trump is a Republican and need to run once again as a Republican politician.”


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