Chevron Corporate Governance

The Board Nominating and Governance Committee takes part in succession preparation for the Board and crucial management functions on the Board and its Committees.

Directors ought to have the highest professional and personal ethics and worths, constant with The Chevron Way and the Business Conduct and Ethics Code, and a dedication to developing stockholder value. They need to have organization acumen and broad experience and know-how at the policy-making level in several of the locations of specific consideration below and need to have the ability to supply insights and practical knowledge based upon their experience or competence. They must have enough time to successfully perform their tasks.

The Board Nominating and Governance Committee every year examines the structure of the Board as an entire to examine the abilities and attributes that are presently represented on the Board, and in individual Directors, in addition to the skills and qualities that the Board might find important in the future, in light of the current and anticipated strategic strategies and operating requirements of the Corporation and the long-term interests of shareholders.

In performing this assessment, the Committee especially considers management experience in organization as a chief executive officer, senior executive or leader of substantial business operations; proficiency in science, technology, engineering, research, or academia; substantial understanding of governmental, regulative, legal, or public law problems; knowledge in financing, financial disclosure, or financial accounting; global service or global affairs experience; ecological experience (including with respect to environment modification issues); public business board service; and variety, of age, gender, and ethnic culture, and such other elements as it deems proper given the present and anticipated requirements of the Board and the Corporation, to maintain a balance of knowledge, experience, background, and ability.


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