Wedding event and providing gratitude for help

Dustin and Loretta had best weather condition for their Oct. 1 wedding. All week was good and sunny, which we were so grateful for.

We wound up with around 450 here for the twelve noon meal and 550 for the evening meal. We could seat 350 people in one sitting. Around 100 or more people consumed in the past, such as the cooks, table waiters, special helpers, babysitters, some of the cooks’ children, and chauffeurs who bring family and friends from farther away.

At 4:30 p.m., the tables were set for the cooks to eat supper, then at 5:30 p.m., for the visitors. At 7 p.m., the youth and Dustin and Loretta’s households ate.

We wound up having 600 pounds of chicken grilled. Although we had quite a bit left, I think we would’ve gone out if we didn’t get another 100 pounds. A household in our church has a substantial grill and grills for others, so we had them barbecue the chicken.

We purchased 400 pounds of potatoes but had 150 pounds left that didn’t get cooked for mashed potatoes.

Our goal was to have 75 pies, but we wound up with around 80. Sometimes there is extra pie filling that they simply use up in a few additional pies. The pecan pies were consumed other than a couple of pieces. We had a couple of pumpkin pies, and a dozen or more cherry pies left.

Our menu included barbecued chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, buttered noodles, dressing (40 loaves of bread were toasted for this and took 18 dozen eggs), green beans with cheese sauce, overnight salad, and homemade bread with grape jelly and butter.

Dessert was pecan, pumpkin, and cherry pies, caramel pudding, fresh fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple and grapes), chocolate and white cupcakes, candy bars, and coffee.

It is tradition that the groom and bride furnish sweet bars to serve after each meal. Dustin and Loretta bought 1,200 for the whole day. They had many left. The parents buy all the other food for the day.

Dustin’s moms and dads have their own chickens, so they brought over 40 dozen eggs for the wedding foods. That truly assisted. We do not have chickens today.

Loretta did a fall style for embellishing the “Eck,” the corner reserved for the couple and bridal party. Her colors for the cooks and table waiters were all fall colors.

Loretta selected a dark rose-colored gown for her wedding day. Dustin’s mom and I wore olive-colored gowns. The cooks used rust. The table waiter ladies used orange gowns, and the young boys wore black trousers and vests with white t-shirts.

Child Verena and Dustin’s brother Willie were witnesses. Child Lovina and her unique friend Daniel (likewise Dustin’s bro) were the other witnesses.

Without the aid of family and friends, it would not be possible for us to prepare for such a huge occasion. Numerous hands lighten work.

We were so grateful for the ones that helped tidy up and pack all the meals and tables in the wedding event wagon. The neighbor ladies cleaned the cook wagon, and we’re likewise happy for my three head cooks that kept whatever so arranged.

A special thank you to my fantastic buddy Ruth for taking me shopping and not even charging me for gas. Ruth did a great deal of the shopping on the last days as I didn’t have time to pursue everything.

Ruth and I went after the wedding event cake the night before, and we were eased when we had it house securely.

Our dear family members were missed quite over the wedding preparation and that day. Siblings Verena, Emma and our child Susan all did well to put their sorrow aside and enjoy for the newlyweds.

Child Loretta now lives throughout the road with Dustin. Today we will go help her put away the many great presents they received.

Dustin and Loretta wish to thank those of you that sent gifts, well wishes, and so on.

May God bless you.

Green Beans with Cheese Sauce

8 quarts green beans, cooked or canned

Cheese Sauce

1 cup butter

1 cup milk

2 pounds Velveeta cheese

3 teaspoons Greek flavoring

3 teaspoons black pepper

1 teaspoon flavoring salt

Heat sauce ingredients on low up until cheese is melted, stirring occasionally. Location the beans in a roaster and put over the cheese sauce. Heat at 300 degrees up until hot.

Cracker Crumb Topping

15 sleeves Ritz crackers

1 3/4 cup melted butter

Crush crackers in sleeves and combine with melted butter. Spread on cookie sheets and toast in oven until browned. Usage 1/2 cup crumb topping per 2-quart bowl of beans.

Lovina Eicher is an Old Order Amish author, cook, partner and mother of 8 who resides in southeastern Michigan. Her cookbooks, “The Necessary Amish Cookbook” and “Amish Household Recipes,” are available any place books are sold. Readers can write to Eicher at P.O. Box 1689, South Holland, IL 60473 (include a self-addressed stamped envelope for a reply), or e-mail She does not personally reply to e-mails.

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