What Do the Groom’s Moms and dads Traditionally Pay For?

Standard weddings have explicit functions for a groom and a bride, and each of their families. Etiquette determines which side spends for which events and items, and who is accountable for each wedding-related task. While lots of contemporary couples do not follow these rules (for instance, some couples pay for their wedding event themselves, and others divvy up costs based on who wishes to or is able to pay) it’s still practical to understand them. They might even be a great place to begin when dividing up your wedding spending plan and things-to-do list.

Here, we explore the monetary responsibilities of the groom’s family. To find out what he and his moms and dads spend for, we turned to professional Terrica McKee. Read on for more information.

Meet the Expert

Terrica McKee is the founder of Southern Productions, a wedding and occasion preparation business in Mississippi.

What Do the Groom’s Parents Traditionally Pay For?

This is based on custom, and the list can be cut or expanded based upon the couple’s choices and financial situations. With that being stated, a lot of individuals find convenience in following the formula, said McKee. “Most of our customers adhere to this tradition,” she said. Others modify it a bit. “Sometimes the groom’s household will just spend for the practice session dinner, and that’s all, and in that case, the bride-to-be’s family just deals with everything else,” she stated. “I have actually had some bride-to-bes who didn’t wish to discuss the groom’s costs to the groom’s household at all and chosen to pay for all of it unless they concerned them and provided or asked what they were anticipated to pay.”

Bride-to-be’s Rings

By the time a wedding rolls around, the groom has actually already purchased and talented a beautiful engagement ring to his bride-to-be. The groom (or his family) is also charged with buying the bride’s wedding event ring that she will be given as part of the ceremony. Even when a couple picks the ring together, the groom normally picks up the costs.

Groom and Groomsmen Outfit

Whether the groom and his groomsmen are purchasing brand-new tuxedos or matches or renting for the event, his family is typically responsible for spending for that outfit (Note: In lots of modern wedding events the groomsmen spend for their own outfits.)

Practice session Supper

Custom dictates that the groom’s household spends for the complete cost of the practice session supper, although the bride’s family and friends participate in the occasion too. That consists of food, beverage, location charges, entertainment, and transportation. Frequently the groom’s family values this obligation. The event can handle a different feel to the wedding, and it is their possibility to include their design and style to the weekend. They can pick food, music, and a location that shows their character.

Presents for the Groomsmen

Numerous groom and brides reveal their gratitude to their wedding celebration by providing a gift the day of the wedding or prior to the weekend celebrations start. The groom’s household is accountable for paying for whatever product the groomsmen get.

The groom’s household is likewise technically accountable for spending for the groomsmen’s accommodations, whether it’s a hotel or Airbnb. This is another cost that has actually been handed down to the groomsmen in more modern weddings.

Bridal Arrangement

The groom’s family provides the flowers associated with a wedding. That includes the bride-to-be’s arrangement, the groomsmen and usher boutonnieres, and the corsages and mini bouquets for the both moms and grannies.

Marriage License

The expense of marital relationship licenses vary state by state. It’s the groom or his family’s duty to cover that cost and pave the legal route for the couple to say I do.

Officiant’s Fee or Cash Present

Lots of officiants, especially ministers, do not have a set cost, relying instead on a present or contribution. “It depends on the groom and/or groom’s moms and dads on just how much they wish to give the minister or officiant,” said McKee. “We suggest no less than $100, but prefer $350 or more since that is an average cost for many wedding artists when compared to others involved with the event.” Another cost the groom’s family looks after is the officiant’s accommodations. “If the officiant is from another town and if he is invited to officiate by the groom’s household, they pay,” stated McKee.


Today lots of contemporary couples conserve up for their honeymoon together or ask wedding event guests to pay for specific parts as a gift. However generally it is the groom or his household’s task to pay the complete expense of the honeymoon from flights to hotels to trips.

Reception Exit Transport

Whether the couple wishes to leave their wedding party in a horse-drawn carriage, a vintage car, or an Uber, it’s the groom’s family’s duty to cover the cost.

How to Talk to the Groom’s Family About Their Financial Responsibilities

Having the cash discussion with your own family can be challenging enough; who wants to deter the enjoyable of wedding planning by focusing on costs? It can be a lot more intimidating to have a conversation with your future husband’s household. Possibly you do not know them that well or you aren’t sure of their monetary circumstance?

McKee stated there are a range of methods brides deal with these challenging conversations. “Some brides don’t like to mention to the groom’s household what their costs are if the groom’s family doesn’t ask,” she said. Others take a much more direct technique. “Others are comfy sharing with the groom’s household what they are anticipated to pay for.” Some bride-to-bes have their moms and dads speak to the groom’s parents, and figure it out separately of their kids.

If it’s too uneasy to have the conversation, you can constantly outsource it to the wedding planner. “When they employ us as their organizer we send a list of the conventional groom’s expenditures to the groom and/or his household so they understand what they are anticipated to spend for,” said McKee.

It’s likewise essential to look at individual household characteristics. “It’s usually the simplest for the bride to inform the groom and the groom to tell his moms and dads most of the times,” stated McKee. “It really depends on the relationship in between the bride and the groom’s moms and dads or the bride’s mom and the groom’s parents regarding how to finest handle the circumstance.”

It’s likewise essential to look at each household’s financial circumstance. “If the groom’s moms and dads can’t afford to spend for their part and after that the bride and/or her household will pay,” stated Ms. McKee. “I’ve had a number of weddings where the bride’s family has actually needed to cover the wedding rehearsal supper and other traditional groom’s costs.”


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