Verified I discovered Merely Blush ‘inadvertently’ due to a store near to my task with a similar name. I visited the one closest to me very first and fell in love with a long sleeve Maggie Sottero gown. Nevertheless, when I looked at a few of the photos from Simpy Blush on google, I noticed a long sleeve lace gown that I believed would be ideal for my venue. So I made a visit with them on Labor Day (I was shocked they were open!) and drove nearly 3 hours to an elegant little shop in the quiet little town of Zebulon. At this moment I had been to 3 different bridal shops and had differing experiences at all of them, however none of them offered me rather the experience that I received at Merely Blush Bridal. I had the store to myself and Melissa actually entered the dressing space with me to assist me enter the dresses and yall. They had the A/C PUMPING in that piece and even had two fans in the dressing room with us! In swampy North Carolina in September that alone is worthy of 5 stars! Due to the fact that of my wedding date the gown I initially went to the shop to try out would not be here in time (I probably need to’ve called and asked prior to driving so far but hindsight is 20/20), so Melissa had several various alternatives for me to attempt and all of them could have sleeves included if I wanted. The last gown she drew out was discontinued and on sale and it fit truly well, however I simply didn’t enjoy it. I talked myself into purchasing it since of the cost point and persuaded myself that I might make myself like it once it had sleeves, however I instantly was sorry for that choice. I wept for literally 3 days straight because I understood the store’s return policy and thought I was stuck to this dress. I finally chose to call the shop and although they were technically closed for renovations they still had somebody there to address the phone needs to a distressed bride need assistance (me, I’m the distressed bride-to-be). So I call and get Katie who is as sweet as she can be and through tears and sobbing explain what is going on and she told me she would speak to the owners and return with me. To make an already long evaluation short, they allowed me to exchange the dress and veil I acquired for the long sleeve Maggie Sottero I desired from the other shop! Not only that however their response time to my e-mails was INSANE. I discovered later they were taking a trip however still made the time and effort to make sure I was all right and had what I wanted/needed. I CAN NOT state enough advantages about this place! You can tell they all really care about their brides since they kept saying ‘we desire you to be delighted’ and that I am! So if you remain in the area, or even if you’re not, absolutely make the trip to Zebulon, NC. It may be a little store however they have huge hearts and the very best customer support I’ve ever experienced. 10/10 would recommend.


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