Your Ultimate Wedding-Planning Timeline

Do you desire a flower shop who simply deals in blooms, or an occasion designer who deals with flowers, lighting, and decoration? Naturally, you’ll desire a bouquet and focal points (which must either be much shorter than 14 inches or raised more than 24 to enable discussion). However will you utilize flowers in other methods, such as for a cake topper or favors, or to decorate a chuppah?

Either way, select blooms that are in season. If specific flowers are a huge part of your dreams, plan your wedding event around when they’re available. “You’re not going to get peonies in September,” keeps in mind Jeannie Savage, of Information, Information in Los Angeles, California, unless you want to pay to have the late-spring buds imported.

It’s helpful to bring your florist pictures of plans you like and lists of your preferred flowers and those that hold sentimental value to you (perhaps you wish to echo the ones your grandmother brought in her bouquet). If there are blooms you desire that are difficult to find or pricey, utilize them moderately in plans, or conserve them for your bouquet. Also be open to other tips or contemplate floral alternatives like succulents, potted topiaries and trees, fruits and berries, ferns, foliage, branches, or millinery details. These last longer than flowers and can be more budget-friendly.


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