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With his every thrust, she felt him strike her sweet spot, and she was moments far from cumming. But he didn’t give her a chance to rest, so he lay back on the floor, and the busty babe climbed on top of him. She moved her pussy down his huge dick, and she rode him so quickly, her big tits were jumping all over the place. His dick stretched her out so well, and she felt his dick jerking within her. He was close, so she picked up the speed, and she rode him even harder. Her big hips swayed up and down, and her pussy squeezed his penis perfect. She jumped and yelped as he started slapping her huge tits, making them sway. The naked bridesmaid made him orgasm inside of her. She enjoyed the sensation of his penis shooting his load inside of her. She was a slut for cum, and she drew him off again. She required his taste in her mouth. He could not resist her slutty mouth and her huge tits. He let her milk his dick with her juicy lips, and he came within her mouth. “Yummy!” she described. Who appreciates the newlywed couple? Certainly not their best friends, concealing away in a corner and fucking like no one’s enjoying!


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