Occasion Preparation Business Sydney

Established at the millenium, Funktionality has emerged as among the leading occasion business in Sydney with abilities to change occasions, be it business or wedding events, into experiences and unforgettable minutes that amuse, communicate and motivate. Aided by our enthusiasm for imaginative visions, we comprehend how the best styling, theming and entertainment can improve the atmosphere, evoke inspiration and contribute to the general success of an occasion– every bit as much as great organisation and planning adds to its smooth operation.As an all-inclusive occasion company, our extensive list of services include end-to-end Event and Conference Management, Occasion Planning, Rewards and Location Management, Venue Sourcing, Occasion Co-ordination, Design Hire and Styling, Theming, Home Entertainment, Weddings, Custom-made Builds, Exhibitions and Signage.Equipped with teams of adept event organisers, we can assist you realise your concept and sculpt an occasion that communicates and delivers on your objectives.Over the years, we have won a wide variety of awards– a testament to

our competence to customize events that set the trends in the industry. Source

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