Poet grooms talent to resolve social problems

BY Kimberly KARiATi POET Energy Mavaza says he has actually started a programme to groom a cultured generation of brand-new poets who are able to provide good and appropriate messages to society.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Design, Mavaza stated it was necessary for new talent to be groomed to utilize their art to attend to issues that members of society face in their day-to-day regimens, including that poetry was a subtle art that expressed one’s literary richness.

“To young poets out there, I advise them to return to tradition and tackle real everyday experiences in society whenever engaging themselves in poetry.

“This would be a substantial score for our local poetry, if we handle to build and support a generation of poets that is culture mindful,” he stated.

“I wish to speak with the future generation through poetry. Alert them, recommend them and inform them. The power and influence of poetry is in realism and imagery. Be it spoken or page poetry, art must create a vivid creativity to the audience.”

Mavaza stated he was working with various artists in promoting young talent.

“I was inspired to pursue poetry through the works of Wilfred Owen.

“I deal with various poets and artists such as Rumbidzayi Gwabanayi, Lindsay Musonza, Vongayi Masuka and Perseverance Gumbo in promoting up-and-coming skill,” he stated.

“Workshops mould one’s skill in both spoken and page poetry.

“It is through workshops and concept sharing that a person’s confidence is increased.

“We also have poetry platforms that we share and assist each other on poetry writing and best publishing routes.”

Mavaza stated although it had actually been a difficult year for poets due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he had, nevertheless, managed to work and achieve some jobs.

“This year I handled to publish and introduce an anthology of 50 pieces entitled Underneath The African Sun online.

“The book is currently on the marketplace,” he said.

“Now I am working on another anthology with six other poets on a job to be achieved before September this year.

“I have so far published 2 books with the other one being Loud Ideas on which I dealt with 7 poets.”

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