Sugar Movie Activities for Kids

In this set of activities versatile for grades K-3, moms and dads and teachers will discover ideas for teaching about sugar.These activities are developed to complement the BrainPOP Jr. Sugar topic page, which includes a motion picture, quizzes, online video games, activities, and more.

Class Activities for Teaching About Sugar

Calorie Counter
Have trainees bring in healthy snacks for the class to eat. You can generate numerous examples of unhealthy treats, especially foods with surprise sources of sugar or that are generally considered healthy, such as cereals, pretzels, yogurt-covered raisins, etc. Compare the amount of sugar and variety of calories between various treats. You can make a mathematics connection by subtracting the numbers together, or using a number line or hundred chart to calculate the distinction. Which food had a surprising number of calories? Which had the most sugar? Which had the least? Compare and contrast!

Just how much is Too Much?

The American Heart Association suggests a maximum of 3 teaspoons (12 grams) of sugar daily for kids. This is most likely a lot less than what your students eat daily. As a presentation, bring in sugar and a bottle of soda. Procedure out the variety of teaspoons of sugar contained in the soda and count them together. Seeing the quantity will help students realize how much sugar they are consuming. You may likewise want small groups to do this demonstration with other sugary foods. Instead of measuring sugar, they can use sand. You might want to do this activity outside.

Family and Homeschool Activities for Teaching About Sugar

Serving Size

Assist your child comprehend that bigger parts have more calories or sugar. When they check out food labels, they must take a look at the serving size. What is the serving size for cookies? Juice? Measure out the proper serving size for cereal, juice, or other food or beverage. You and your kid may be surprised at what a normal serving size actually is!

Meal Tracker

Have your kid track whatever she or he eats for an entire day, from drinks and treats to meals and dessert. You can take part the activity, too. If possible, have him or her pay attention to the serving size too. If your kid uses two portions of salad dressing, then he or she ought to tape that also. Then tally up the number of the day’s calories together. This might be an excellent chance to utilize a calculator or practice including great deals and regrouping. What is the recommended daily calorie intake for your child? You can look it up online and after that compare.


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