This Is the Typical Wedding Guest List Size in the

Identifying your visitor list is among the most– if not the most– essential jobs on your wedding preparing list. The size of your visitor list will affect your place, budget plan and so lots of other aspects of your wedding. As you produce yours, you may be wondering what the average wedding size in the United States is (and how yours compares). Good news: We’ve got the answer for you.
According to The Knot 2019 Real Weddings Study, the average wedding size is currently 131. In fact, this number has actually been gradually reducing throughout the years. Our information indicates that the typical wedding size reached an all-time high of 153 in 2007. For context, the number hovered at 136 in 2017 and 2018.

If you’re wondering how you’ll choose what size wedding event you’ll have with a lot of practical alternatives, consider where you live. According to our research study, guest list size differs by state. For example, occasions in cities like Chicago and New York City have a typical wedding visitor size of 146. Weddings sizes in Miami tend to be smaller sized, however, with an average guest list count of 112.

It is very important to note that the average wedding size is simply that– an average. Your guest list size depends on just how much you have actually allocated your big day, along with the type of wedding you want. In truth, smaller wedding events are on the rise as more couples around the nation concentrate on offering guests an enriching experience. Our information found that, for 72 percent of couples, the most important element while wedding planning was ensuring visitors were well taken care of and enjoyed. In order to do so, 47 percent of all couples arranged guest home entertainment (like entertainers or fireworks)– a 9 percent boost from 2018.

As more couples are concentrated on guest experience, some opt for micro-weddings. Frequently with these celebrations, their spending plan lines up with the nationwide average ($33,900 to be exact). So, with fewer guests and a larger rate point, they have the ability to spend more on functions like interactive food display screens, live home entertainment or extra wedding house party. Some couples also decide to host a sequel wedding event– a larger celebration that follows an intimate official ceremony or elopement.

If you’re still debating your visitor list size, there’s one particular vendor who will help you choose: Locations have an optimal number of individuals they can safely accommodate. If you’re dreaming of a warm vineyard ceremony, you might not have the ability to invite each and every single individual you know. Nevertheless, if you’re taking a look at a huge hotel location or a field out in nature, you might have the ability to open the visitor list.


Prior to you begin putting your wedding guest list together, be sure to take a seat with all of the decision makers (read: people adding to the wedding event) and get on the very same page. By having the talk early on, you can avoid any snafus or harmed sensations in the future. And if you require assistance browsing those conversations, consider working with an expert wedding coordinator. These pros have years of competence under their belts and can act as a conciliator during difficult discussions.

Another factor it’s a good concept to talk about your wedding size early on? Cutting individuals from your guest list can be incredibly tough and difficult– but a great deal of couples face this problem (visitors lists tend to proliferate). Bear in mind that there are individuals you’re not bound to welcome– even if you seem like you are. When you have actually chosen a last head count, usage The Knot Wedding event Guest Manager to keep track of everyone.Ultimately, as far as we’re

worried, size does not matter– as long as your guest list consists of those who matter most to you (and maybe a few stragglers from your mother-in-law’s book club ). Source

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