NSW Federal government Gazette notifications are now lodged through the notice lodgement portal available from the Gazette page. You’ll also find there everything you require to start– links to how-to videos, Frequently asked questions, notice templates and an e-mail prepared to send to a dedicated Gazette Aid box. If you get stuck, call us at the NSW Parliamentary Counsel’s Office and our gazette team will be happy to help.

New field for the gazette portal lodgement type

From the week beginning Monday, 12 July we will be including a new mandatory field to the gazette portal lodgment type to recognize those documents that have to be tabled in Parliament and are subject to disallowance. Under the Interpretation Act, area 40, tabling is a requirement for statutory guidelines made in NSW.

The concern will be:

Does your file have to be tabled in Parliament? (PCO will set up the tabling for you.)


There will be hovertext for the brand-new field describing about tabling and how to learn if that’s a requirement for your notice.

Your agency’s legal team will have the ability to recommend but, basically, the Act or instrument under which the notice is made will consist of an arrangement defining one of the following:

  • that areas 40 and 41 of the Analysis Act apply
  • that the notification is needed to be tabled in Parliament.

Please note this will be a compulsory field, so anyone lodging gazette notifications will need to understand the correct response before a notification can be lodged.

Where tabling is needed, PCO will offer the tabling info to Parliament in your place.


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