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MEMO|26 July 2021|IPES-Food Withdraws from the UN Food Systems Top

Concerns raised clearly and consistently by farmers’ organizations, social motions, civil society, Indigenous Peoples, and independent scientists, have yet to be dealt with by the organizers of the UN Food Systems Summit. The Top continues to threaten replacing democratic debate with significantly unaccountable modes of decision-making. These obstacles weaken the work being carried out in good faith by numerous stars within the UNFSS procedure and set a harmful precedent for the entire UN System.

IPES-Food invites the work of States and other allies in accentuating the transformative potential of agroecology and ensuring its place on the pre-Summit program. Nevertheless, it is with regret that members of IPES-Food are stepping down from functions held within the Top procedure due to absence of resolution on a variety of basic governance issues.

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CALL TO ACTION|13 principles of food system transformation

More than 800 international companies, NGOs, farming groups and experts want agroecology, natural, and regenerative farming to top the program at this year’s UN Food Systems Top. The voices from six continents are getting in touch with governments and businesses to do something about it once and for all on the “destructive” status quo in international farming.

“In the added to this UN Summit, certain groups have been playing quickly and loose with the meaning of sustainability,” cautioned Emile Frison of IPES-Food, and co-founder of the call. “Standard farming– with its heavy reliance on chemical inputs– has failed millions. It continues to diminish soils, damage biodiversity, drive climate change, and destroy livelihoods. Absolutely nothing except a food systems transformation will guide us to security.”

The Call sees proponents of agroecology, natural, and regenerative agriculture unite around the 13 principles of food system improvement set out by the High-Level Panel on Food Security and Nutrition in a landmark 2019 report.

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See the signatories.

NEW BRIEFING KEEP IN MIND|Summit being utilized to fast-track brand-new science body

In a new briefing note, IPES-Food cautions that the UN Food Systems Top (UNFSS) is being utilized to advance a brand-new mode of decision-making that could exclude lots of voices in food systems.

A small however prominent group of stars has long been demanding the creation of a brand-new panel– an ‘IPCC for Food’– to simplify decisions on the future of food systems.

On the eve of the UNFSS Science Days, where the concept will be showcased, IPES-Food underlined the importance of science-based decision-making. However, the rundown note cautioned that the new panel– as prepared– dangers imposing a narrow view of science, and closing down democratic debate.

The new panel might also undermine the High-Level Panel on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE), which already provides scientific assistance to federal governments, taking into consideration varied knowledge and viewpoints from throughout the food system.

Check Out the Briefing Note: EN|ES — Read the Open Letter by independent researchers


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