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Thesaurus Synonyms & Antonyms of celebrations

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1 a celebration

  • we’re all welcomed to the huge celebration to celebrate completion of the year
  • affairs,
  • bashes,
  • binges,
  • blasts,
  • blowouts,
  • dos
  • (or do’s), occasions, fetes (or fêtes ), works, parties,receptions,shindigs bakes, clambakes, mixer, hen parties, house parties, housewarmings,
  • icebreakers, kaffeeklatsches, keggers (also keg parties ), klatches (likewise klatsches) , masquerades , meet and welcomes, mixers, beauty salons, showers, socials, soirees (orsoirées ), stags, dinners
  • , symposia(
  • or seminars),
  • tea parties,
  • teas 2 a group of people acting together within a bigger group a little celebration got
  • together to protest thenew chairman’s choice
  • 3 a group of people collaborating on ajob 4 a member of the
  • mankind my grandfather’s aidentified old party, so
  • don’t undervalue himbabies, beings, birds, bodies, bods
  • [British], characters,
  • cookies, creatures, customers, devils,
  • ducks, eggs,faces, fish(or fishes),
  • men, heads, humans, humans, people,
  • lives, men, mortals
  • ,individuals, personages, scouts , slobs, sorts , souls, specimens, stiffs, things, wights Phrases Associated with parties Near Antonyms for parties 5 a generally small number of persons thought about
  • as a system for celebrations of more than
  • six individuals thedining establishment immediately includes a 15% service charge to the bill ranges, bands, batches, batteries, bodies, boodles, lots, clusters,
  • clutches, accompaniments, constellations, crops,
  • groupings, groups, huddles,knots, lots, parcels
  • , passels Phrases Associated with parties Near Antonyms for
  • parties 6 one whotakes part in something Near Antonyms for
  • celebrationspresent tense third-person
  • particular of celebration Synonyms & Antonyms of parties (Entry 2 of 2)as in revels
  • , carouses Synonyms
  • &Near Synonyms for celebrations Antonyms & Near Antonyms for celebrations See the Dictionary Meaning Source

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