Firethorn Estate Vineyard

Firethorn Estate

Firethorn Vineyard is rather actually among the most beautiful homes in north-central Oregon. The lavish Umatilla River bottom gives way to basalt cliffs that support a layer of granite and basalt silt transferred as the Missoula floods receded. The top layer of soil is wind driven loess. Our red wine grapes enjoy complimentary draining soils and elements suited to each clone. We are also dealt with to unblocked sunrises over Pendleton and sunsets over Mount Hood and from nearly any block one can see our tasting room situated in a repurposed wood grain elevator, see picture listed below.


Some say that our vineyard looks like Hans Solo’s Millennium Falcon from the air. It does hover high above the Umatilla River on the east and Alkili Canyon on the west and we are constantly tweaking our infrastructure to enhance total vineyard efficiency … but the resemblances stop there.


Firethorn Vineyard was initially established between 2006 and 2008 under the name Flying B Vineyard. Our family acquired the home in 2010, figured out to leave the world of industrial building and construction in the Seattle location and dedicate our time and energies to the building of a family red wine estate.

We rolled up our sleeves and went to work, wanting to experience first-hand all farming aspects of our wine-growing venture.


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