Food History Calendar, Today in Food History & Food Holidays

– 2021: International Year of Fruits & Vegetables
[ UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO)]

– 2021 Herb of the Year: Parsley (Petroselinum)
[ International Herb Association]

– Years of Family Farming 2019-2028 (UN General Assembly)
[] (see Dec 20, 2017)

This section is upgraded Daily. A calendar of food holidays, historical food events from ancient to modern-day times. Births, deaths, anniversaries, developments, initially, last, biggest, tiniest, longest, greatest. People, corporations, dining establishments, books, films, tunes, radio, tv, commercials, equipment, drinks, fruits, veggies, animals, fish, and anything else involving food and beverage history!The numerous designated food & drink associated ‘days’ ‘weeks ‘and ‘months’ noted in this food calendar come from numerous sources. Some are stated by Presidential pronouncement or by Congress (National Bird Feeding Month), by other federal government companies such as the USDA, FDA, or CDC (National Fiber Focus Month) or by State, County or City governments.
Other sources are Industry groups like the National Confectioners Association (National Chocolate Day), and the American Egg Board (Egg Salad Week). Some are designated by private groups like the Culinary Historians of Chicago (National Soul Food Month). Some are stated by individual business like White Castle (National Hamburger Month). There are a few that are listed on many other websites, however if I am not able to confirm a legitimate source, I will remove them from this website.

(web page with Romanian translation)

Here are a 4 more excellent ‘Timelines’ about Food and Farming:

– by Lynne Olver, Referral Librarian

– History of American Agriculture USDA Agriculture in the Class

– General Today in History: Those Were the Days

– General Science: Today in Science History

My thanks to Ron Elling and others who send out in occasional updates and corrections for this Food Calendar. Chef James


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