Karaga Festival – Bangalore

Among the oldest festivals celebrated in the state of Karnataka; the Karaga celebration is a reflection of the region’s wonderful history and traditions. It is celebrated annually in the Chaitra month (March/April) according to the Hindu calendar. Though particularly connected with the Thigala neighborhood, this grand festival brings in tourists from various parts of the city. Individuals collect in great deals from throughout the nation to witness the allure of this annual event.

The Karaga festival has found its roots in the impressive Mahabharata. Hence, it honours Draupadi as the ideal lady and Goddess Shakti. The word ‘Karaga’ translates to an earthen pot, supporting a floral pyramid and an idol of Goddess. The Karaga is continued the head of the bearer without touching it. The provider wears a woman’s clothes with bangles, mangal-sutra, and vermillion on his forehead.

Spread over 11 days, the festival illustrates the religious heritage and rich culture of Karnataka. This elegant celebration happens at the prominent Dharmaraya Swamy Temple located in Bangalore. While numerous routines are carried out during nowadays, the festival’s emphasize is the grand procession. This procession is held in the honor of Goddess Shakti on the moon night and begins with the temple around midnight. After travelling through lots of lanes and bylanes, the procession returns to the temple. To mark the end of the celebrations, devotees splash turmeric water on each other. Then, on the extremely next day, the Karaga is immersed in the seawater pond from which it was brought. The embodiment of grandeur, overindulgence, and colours, Karanga celebration is unquestionably, among the most popular yearly celebrations in the state.

However, this year, the celebrations will not see the crowd of followers due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, the celebrations were to start on April 18 and end on April 27 with the procession. However due to the unexpected surge in Covid cases, the Bengaluru Karaga procession has actually been cancelled similar to in 2015, keeping in mind the social distancing practices. So, the yearly Karaga festival will be commemorated with a pooja inside the Dharmaraya Swamy temple without the crowd of devotees.


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