Live Oak Bike Party planning cruise through town

Local resident Elizabeth Lepe Arredondo’s household went to a bike party in Sacramento where people collected and were riding decorated bikes in different styles.This influenced her

daughter, Meliza, to begin Live Oak Bike Celebration occasions for her senior task in 2018.

“We fell in love and we stated we need something like this here,” Arredondo stated.

During these events, she said people collect with their bikes in the evening and they encourage individuals to illuminate and decorate their rides as they travel through town with music playing.People likewise sometimes dress up in outfits that match the celebration’s style, she said.Arredondo said her household of seven enjoys hanging out together and this was another activity for them to do as a group.”For us it’s a family thing,”Arredondo stated. “As long as I can keep my family and we’re doing something together, that’s what matters to me.” She said it’s likewise something to arrange for the neighborhood.”It’s an excellent way to have actually the community included, you’re constructing relationships out there, making buddies,”Arredondo said.The first bike party occasion they hosted happened in April 2018 and Arredondo continues to arrange the events with her children’s help.The occasions had been taking place on a monthly basis prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We type of slowed a little,” Arredondo said.” We’re wanting to return up to( where we were ).”She said the last routine bike party occurred in February 2020, there was an occasion in October 2020 and now they plan to host the next Bike Celebration on Friday.”We’re always viewing to see what

‘s the news on COVID and everything going on, “Arredondo said.”We wished to ensure we were respectful and being safe.”She said people are normally able to space out throughout the trip and individuals can use facial coverings if they choose to.They typically have people begin gathering an hour before sunset and once individuals come to the meeting spot, they go over some safety rules.They ask that riders be aware of their environments, follow the traffic rules, make certain kids wear helmets, get after themselves and, with the weather heating up, that people stay hydrated.She said individuals of all ages have taken part. The trips typically take around 2 to 3 hours with breaks however participants have the ability to stop riding when they pick to.Typically, Arredondo stated, 30 to 50 individuals signed up with the month-to-month rides but they’ve had more than 100 riders before.The Live Oak Bike Celebration will be satisfying on Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the Live Oak Skatepark– 10200 O

St., Live Oak.The style of this celebration is”Summertime Insanity.” “Everybody is welcome,” Arredondo said.For more information and for updates on future events, check out the Live Oak Bike Celebration Facebook page.


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