Bridal Shower Tea Party Ideas for a Classic Pre-Wedding Celebration

There are so many bridal shower themes to choose from, but if you’re a classic bride (or planning an event for one) a traditional pre-wedding party is likely what you gravitate towards. That’s why you’ll probably want to stick to one of the most iconic shower styles out there: the tea party. Refined, dainty, and feminine, this theme plays right into what a bridal shower is, at its core, all about: celebrating your upcoming nuptials with all of the incredible women in your life. Need help planning an event straight out of teatime with the Queen at Buckingham Palace? You’ve come to the right place.

Ahead, you’ll find a series of bridal shower tea party ideas, from décor inspiration to menu options. Though all of the following details can all be classified as elegant, you’ll notice that there are plenty of nuanced ways to customize your tea party so that it feels right for you. For example, you don’t need to plan a fully-pink shower, regardless of what Pinterest tells you an event with this theme should look like (feel free to work within any colorways you see fit!). Alternatively, mix-and-match styles, patterns, and motifs to create a tea party-inspired soirée that feels a bit more modern. At this Event Prep celebration, an upbeat gingham tablecloth and amber taper candles and goblets brought a touch of contemporary flair to the otherwise classic fête (the bride and her best friends clinked the cutest antique cups!).

Another takeaway? An easy way to hit home the aesthetic is to use the tools most associated with tea time, like saucers and teapots, as decorations. Spend a few months collecting vintage teacups—and then turn them into personalized escort cards that double as favors, like one bride-to-be did, ahead. However you decide to translate this popular bridal shower theme on your own big day, know there’s an idea out there that’s sure to work for your particular vision.


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