Craft Beer in the Philippines: Pampanga Craft Beer Celebration and Breweries

It’s a hot day in the Philippines. Sweat is diminishing your temples, even though you have actually retreated to the shade of the palm trees a while earlier. The salted breeze from the ocean only helps so much to cool you down. Should you leap back into the crystal clear water or order a beer? You start to think about a crisp and hoppy IPA. Fruity, maybe with a regional twist, like mango or kalamansi? However when your waiter brings you the menu, you are brought back to truth. San Miguel light or Pilsen are your only choices. You sigh and order a Pilsen. Then you pull out your phone and ask Siri: “Where can I find Craft Beer in the Philippines?”

Craft Beer in the Philippines?I know. The Philippines are hardly the top place that comes to mind when you think of beer. In the past, you basically had 5 choices for beer: San Miguel light (a light lager), San Miguel Premium( lager with a strong barley taste), San Miguel Pilsen (light lager with a tip of hops, my favorite of the San Miguel beers ), Red Horse(strong lager, finest delighted in ice cold from the bottle)and Cerveza Negra (dark lager, sweet and roasted flavors. I enjoyed this beer, however is was a wee bit heavy and sweet for the hot temperature levels )and think what? They are all made by San Miguel Brewing, which has a market share of over 95 %. < img src= "//"data-src=""alt="The Chuckling Carabao White Mango Ale-Craft Beer in the Philippines"width="395 "height="750 "/ > During my current trip to the Philippines, I discovered that to my surprise, there is quite a flourishing craft beer and brewery scene in the Philippines. Microbreweries and brew bars are turning up all over the islands and the interest in craft beer is on the increase. Yes, is it still in its starting stages.For now, generally travelers, expats and the wealthy upper-middle class in Manila tend to be the main target audience for the specialized beers. A craft beer in the Philippines is about 2-4 times more pricey than a San Miguel. Filipinos like beer, however many likewise want an inexpensive buzz. That is why in each case of Red Horse(8%ABV ), they conceal a bottle of Fortunate Horse, which has 12%ABV as a marketing trick. So microbreweries require to strike a balance between producing a premium item using pricey imported components and keeping the expense of the beer low enough to make it cost effective for the market. Despite those entry barriers, the love for craft beer is spreading like wild fire in the Philippines.A common taste profile appears to be fruity and light, with more of a malty/sweet preference over incredibly bitter and hoppy beers. The Philippines are known to mix and integrate tastes from all around the world and yet making it their own when it pertains to food, so I am delighted to see what direction they will take with their craft beers.Aside from Manila, the Pampanga area in Central Luzon is a hot spot for craft beer in the Philippines. The Pampanga tourist board was so kind to welcome me on a trip of the region and its breweries. If you are heading to Manila, take a little detour up north and take a look at this beautiful region. They are understood for their remarkable food and the fantastic beers they have up there. Angeles City Craft Beer Celebration If you happen to be in Central Luzon in the beginning of December, you are very lucky. The first Angeles City Craft Beer Festival is happening from December 2-4 at Marquee Shopping Center in Angeles City. It howcases 15 Filipino Craft Beer Breweries and over 100 of their finest brews. Enjoy local and

global foods, listen to some Jazz and sample some terrific craft beers. They even provide developing workshops, so you can discover how to get your home-brew started, if that interests you. Sounds like an ideal weekend to me, don’t you think? Craft Beer in the Philippines is truly a hot pattern and if you like to try new things, you ought to go have a look at this craft beer festival. Ted Lerner, the craft beer caring genius behind the Angeles City Craft Beer celebration, has actually been craving great beer considering that he left the United States 21 years ago. When he found a few craft beer breweries in Angeles City and discovered more about the slowly growing micro brewery scene in his embraced house nation, he chose to boost this trend and present craft beer to the wider masses. Ted is organizing the very first Angeles City Craft Beer Celebration, which will be the biggest Craft Beer festival in the Philippines this year.”I definitely enjoy beer however for years I have actually been terminally tired with drinking beer in the Philippines due to the fact that of the large absence of range. However this has all began to alter as the craft beer revolution which has swept the world has begun to kick in here. There are little breweries popping up in every part of the Philippines and these folks are producing some quality beers. I have actually had the opportunity to taste a great deal of them in the last

couple of months while putting this celebration together and I get more amazed each and every day.” Ted Lerner Something is for sure: You will not be terminally tired when you go to the Angeles City Craft Beer Festival and get to try over 100 regional Filipino brews. Take a look at their website for a full list of all breweries and like their Facebook page for more event details!Pampanga Craft Beer Breweries

Craft Beer in the Philippines: Pinatubo Brewing CompanyCraft Beer in the Philippines: Pinatubo Brewing Company

Pinatubo Craft Beer

A German Brewery making German Beer in the middle of the Philippines? You didn’t need to ask me two times if I wanted to check this place out. Found in Angeles City, Pinatubo Developing makes a set of German beers, following the German Pureness Law of 1516.

The Pinatubo beers have a common German taste profile: Easy to drink, malty and with a low hop profile. The Golden Nectar Pilsner is their bestseller. It is a good, dry beer with a round taste profile that goes down well on a hot day in a tropical climate. Their Twister Ale has a really fruity aroma with a hint of pineapple. If you like hoppier beers, the Brainstorm IPA is your best choice. It has a great piney scent, but with 38 IBU’s, it is still listed below the typical limit for IPAs. I would call it a best “Beginner-IPA”, and it has the benefit that it won’t damage your taste buds if you want to attempt some other beers after that.If you like German beers, provide Pinatubo Craft Beer a shot and ensure you go starving. Their J√§gerschnitzel (pan-fried pork slice with a mushroom gravy and homemade noodles) is the very best I have actually had outside of Germany! Definitely delish and the parts are substantial!

Jägerschnitzel at Pinatubo Brewery - Craft Beer in the Philippines

The Chuckling Carabao Brewery The Laughing Carabao Brewery simply began about 4 months back and is already making waves in the regional beer neighborhood. As the very first brewery in Tarlac, Robert– the owner and head maker– fell for Craft Beer and home developing, when living abroad in Japan. When he returned to the Philippines, he decided to start his own brewery in his hometown of Tarlac, simply a bit north of Pampanga in Tarlac Province.As an engineer, he

has actually come up with an extremely interesting and unique fermentation option: his fermentation happens in corny kegs saved in temperature controlled freezers. This makes his sanitation simple and keeps the electricity expense low. Pretty genius, don’t you think? Currently, they produce two beers and I was impressed by

the quality and taste: The White Mango Ale is a light and fruity ale with a pleasant bitterness. You can smell the fruitiness, combined a light hoppy aroma. It is refreshing and well carbonated, brings in the regional flavors and is merely a fantastic beer. Their second beer is the Iniruban Pale Ale, a rice based Pale with a full body and nice fragrance. This beer has a rather complicated taste profile, integrating a sweetness reminiscent of sticky rice and the smoky, bitter finish of a Pale Ale. Not an easy tasks to bring these tastes together, however this beer does a great job! I like where this brewery is going, putting such a

high worth on quality requirements and utilizing local ingredients. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!And both of these Pampangan breweries will be at the Angeles City Craft Beer

Festival. 2 more reasons for you to take a look at this event and learn more about Craft Beer in the Philippines!Craft Beer in the Philippines is actually beginning to take off and I can’t wait to see how it establishes. I have a couple of more breweries and beers to share with you that I found during my trip around this remarkable country, so stay tuned.An unique thanks to EUROTEL for welcoming me to stay at their Angeles City location.Pin for later– Craft Beer in the Philippines Source

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