%playerlist _,,,,% % playerlist_all, regular, yes, list% # Tanguygab, cj89898, funnycube, clip, Frcsty, GabyTM, ItsMeGlare% playerlist_online, perm, yes, quantity, staff.admin%# 2%playerlist_online, world, yes,2, buildingworld + spawnworld %’ # cj89898, funnycube%playerlist_online, close by, yes, list,5%# Tanguygab, cj89898, clip% playerlist_online, close by, no, list,5% # Tanguygab, clip % playerlist_online, close by, no, list–,20 % # Tanguygab-clip-Terfs You can likewise utilize [placeholder] for papi placeholders in addition to the javascript placeholder

Keep in mind: Offline and All only support the Normal subtype.Since, is utilized to separate the different parts of the placeholder, usage . rather if you want to show a,. Source

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