Beer Brats

Why boil out the taste? Try this, low and sluggish on the grill (I choose charcoal or wood pieces), indirect heat is best for about 30-45 minutes. While the brats are cooking take 3-4 cans of beer and 1/2 to 1 stick of butter, thin chopped onion, salt, pepper and other seasonings to taste. Heat on the grill in foil pan. Basically beer depending upon pan size, # of brats and thurst of the cook! Put brats in beer sauce and let simmer. Brats will stay juicy and tasty for 2-3 hours. terrific for picnics, ballgame, outdoor camping, etc.

I made this as a check out run to see if I ‘d wish to serve it for guests this weekend. I halved the dish since it was for simply 3 people. It was all gone and I just had one. I might have eaten at least 3 quickly which says a lot! Great recipe! I followed the recipe and did not alter a thing. The spiciness was great. I might take it up a notch when I serve it to my visitors who happen to like hot food. Just an f.y.i. though … without the sauce it isn’t very hot for those who might not like heat. Thank you Zach!

I used this recipe to feed a very large group of patrons at my other halves bar/resturant for incredibly bowl Sunday and let me inform you, Holy Cow. I prepared a total of 100 brats, following this dish. They were the most tasty brats we have ever served!! This is the very first year I have made them for our party, (sixth year in a row, always doing brats for super bowl) and everyone RAVED! I was so delighted and my hubby so proud! I will nover make brats any other way!

Perfect! We pricked the brats a lot of times with a fork to allow the beer and flavoring to truly soak in. And rather of hovering over a hot range, we let them simmer in the crockpot for a few hours. IDEAL with sauerkraut, the beer-y onions grilled, dijon mustard, and a hit of hot sauce. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …

I have used this for little and big parties. It has likewise end up being the recipie for my son’s Boy Scoup Troop’s court of honor. I just prepared 72 brats for the troop and they turned out excellent. Just distinction is I add all active ingredients to the pot with the brats and let them soak for 24 hr. I use the cheapest drinkable beer I can discover. I have utilized Guiness and Killians Red and you could not taste much distinction from the Miller High Life.

Simply to clarify. you do not want to BOIL your brats, due to the fact that you’ll end up with tasteless, difficult brats. You wish to PAR-boil your brats and simply finish them off on the grill to get a nice crisp brat with gorgeous grill marks. I have actually been preparing brats this way for several years with awesome results. and the beer-braised onions are perfection! And I just utilize Johnsonville brats, they are the very best. And I consider myself a respectable judge of brats. I’m German. who would know much better? LOL

I am brat enthusiast … grew up consuming them. In my viewpoint the very best way to protect the taste is NOT to par boil them. Grill slowly and then place in beer mixture and soak slowly on low heat as long as you have. Par boiling only takes what taste and moisture that the fat provides out.

This was great but the beer taste was not rather as strong as I ‘d hoped. Next time I will attempt a stronger beer like Guiness and prepare it on the range for a longer time to actually give it time to simmer and for the tastes to take in. I pricked the brats all over with a fork to enable the beer to act. A few of it could be the beer … all I had was Beck’s which is pretty light. Great concept though I will keep tweaking to get more beer flavor. I used a couple cloves of fresh garlic rather of the garlic powder.

We enjoyed these. Bought shop brand brats, boiled in beer and grilled until nice, dark grill marks appeared. Served with corn on the cob. Perfect summer season meal!


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