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Aging wines on the lees can add aromatic intricacy, soften tannins, enrich mouthfeel, secure it from oxygen, feed malolactic bacteria, and include longterm stability. Find out how to get the most from sur lie aging, and techniques for eliminating, keeping, and reusing lees.


Two participants of the Backyard Grape Growing Online Boot Camp had some follow-up questions; one on their spray protocol, the other about returning from a disastrous loss of vines.

Wes dishes out some suggestions. Article

There are lots of elements in white wine that all need to work together to produce balance.

Learn how to handle level of acidity, alcohol,

residual sugar, tannins, color, taste parts, and more. Article In this article, Michael Larner goes over the red wines of the Rhône area of France, and among the most essential winemaking parts of Rhône wine making is mixing. Learn more about the essentials of


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