Survey How does it work?
Using your email address, TripAdvisor will see if you already have a member account with them. If not, TripAdvisor will create a new member ID for you, using your first name and last initial.n

How long will it take?
Reviews will be posted on TripAdvisor within 1-2 days. You will receive an email from TripAdvisor once your review has been posted. At that time, you’ll be able to sign in to TripAdvisor to modify your member ID and check your review status.n

What information will be public?
Only your TripAdvisor member ID and the information provided on this review page will be visible on TripAdvisor. No answers to previous survey questions or other personal information will be shared publicly.n

If you have questions or feedback about this partnership, please contact”,”TA_CLOSE”:”Close”,”TA_DESCRIPTION”:”Please leave a review on TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site. Any previously submitted responses will remain private.”,”TA_LOCATION”:”Place of Residence”,”TA_CITY”:”City”,”TA_COUNTRY”:”Country”,”TA_SCORE_LABEL”:”Rate This Hotel”,”TA_SCORE_TIP”:”Click to rate”,”TA_SCORE_1″:”Terrible”,”TA_SCORE_2″:”Poor”,”TA_SCORE_3″:”Average”,”TA_SCORE_4″:”Very Good”,”TA_SCORE_5″:”Excellent”,”TA_REVIEW_TITLE_LABEL”:”Title of Review”,”TA_REVIEW_BODY_LABEL”:”Your Review”,”TA_REVIEW_VALIDATION_1″:”Minimum 50 Characters”,”TA_REVIEW_VALIDATION”:”Minimum 200 Characters”,”TA_TITLE_VALIDATION”:”Maximum 120 Characters”,”TA_TYPE_OF_TRIP_LABEL”:”Type of Trip”,”TA_TYPE_BUSINESS_LABEL”:”Business”,”TA_TYPE_COUPLES_LABEL”:”Couples”,”TA_TYPE_FAMILY_LABEL”:”Family”,”TA_TYPE_FRIENDS_LABEL”:”Friends”,”TA_TYPE_SOLO_LABEL”:”Solo”,”TA_SERVICE_LABEL”:”Service”,”TA_VALUE_LABEL”:”Value”,”TA_SLEEP_QUALITY_LABEL”:”Sleep Quality”,”TA_CLEANLINESS_LABEL”:”Cleanliness”,”TA_LOCATION_LABEL”:”Location”,”TA_ROOMS_LABEL”:”Rooms”,”TA_LEGAL”:”I confirm that I have read and agree to the Privacy and Independent Opinion terms below:n”,”TA_LEGAL_TERMS”:”

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