Meaning of celebration

< img src =""> a social gathering, since invited guests at a private home, for discussion, beverages, home entertainment, and so on: a cocktail party.a group collected for an unique function or task: a fishing celebration; a search party.a detachment, squad, or information of troops designated to perform some specific mission or service.a group of persons with common functions or viewpoints who support one side of a dispute, question, argument, etc. a group of individuals with common political viewpoints and purposes organized for acquiring political influence and governmental control and for directing federal government policy: the Republican Celebration; the Democratic Party.the system of taking sides on public

or political concerns or the like.attachment or commitment to one side or faction; partisanship: to put factors to consider of party first.Law. one of the litigants in a legal proceeding

  1. ; a plaintiff or accused in a match. a signatory to a legal instrument.
  2. an individual participating in or otherwise privy to a crime.a person

or group that participates in some action, affair, strategy, etc.; participant: He was a party to the merger deal.the individual under consideration; a particular person: The package was delivered to the incorrect individual or, typically, two or more persons together purchasing from a restaurant, attending a social or cultural function, etc.: The headwaiter asked how many were in our celebration; a celebration of 12 French physicists touring the labs; a celebration of one at the little individual participating in a telephone discussion: I have your celebration on the line.any celebration or activity compared to a social celebration, as defined; session: The couple in the next house are having their usual dish-throwing party.something lively

, promoting, or busy: It’s so scrumptious, it’s like a party in your mouth.That plastic water bottle is a germ advantageous or pleasant circumstance or combination of situations of some duration and often of questionable character; period of material, license, exemption, etc.: The authorities broke in and suddenly the celebration was over for the nation’s most infamous gunman.


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