SNL and Cecily Strong toss one last glass of red wine in the face of Fox News bigot Jeanine Pirro

Cecily Strong, Colin Jost, Michael Che< img src ="image/gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw =="alt=" Cecily Strong, Colin Jost, Michael Che" / > Cecily Strong, Colin Jost, Michael CheScreenshot: Saturday Night Live Sometimes a political impression is based on minute and extraordinary observation of an effective topic’s every tic and mannerism. Other times, it’s a maniacal however essence-capturing series of catchphrases that works. And then there are those impressions that go both low and high for verisimilitude, which brings us to last night’s Anya Taylor-Joy hosted Saturday Night Live finale, and the ever-spot-on hilarity that is Cecily Strong’s take on Fox News’s human incorrect alarm, Jeanine Pirro.Strong’s made

the blustery, boozy Pirro her target for a while now, however, this being the season’s last episode (and Pirro being as loudly incorrect and racist as ever over on Fox), the sketch standout decided to go out with a bang. Or, rather a splash. Several splashes. Let’s call it a couple of lots splashes, right to the kisser of Weekend Update anchor and straight man Colin Jost, who would up taking even more of the (apparently) sozzled and seditious Pirro’s spilled red wine than typical in a barn-burner of an Update section from the sometimes-suspended previous judge.

Strong’s Pirro began with a signature tirade about everybody from the “gauchos to the banditos,” El Chapo to Del Taco” who she declared, loudly, is swarming our southern border because her primary guy the treasonous golf greeter pulled back in defeat to “the most elegant place on Earth– Mar-a-Lago!” (Where, according to her, life is like being “on a cruise ship that’s completely docked in the hottest part of Florida.”) Strong has actually constantly had Pirro’s bombastically bigoted schtick down, but it was truly the prop work with that glass that completed her triumphant portrayal here. After slapping Jost all over with the quickly decreasing joy-juice from her oversized receptacle, Pirro demanded her backup red wine, which emerged in a big, elegant, transparent rolling box, complete with a huge straw. (Pirro’s brand: “White Girl Wasted.” Ask for it by name.)

Launching into a defiant rendition of “My Way” despite Jost’s wine-sodden, barely-keeping-it-together laughter, Strong’s Pirro fearlessly immersed herself under the surface of the ruby red liquid, emerging only to refill her glass enough to whip the stuff a great six feet over her shoulder and right onto Jost. Several times. With Jost and co-anchor Michael Che joining the audience’s rapturous applause (for Strong’s goal and performance, if not Pirro’s history of despiteful, racist nonsense), Strong’s Judge Jeanine was put to intoxicated sleep for the season, presumably mumbling something about immigrants.


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