British Columbia– Cascadia Fine White Wines

The Okanagan Valley of British Columbia is known for its varied terroir, and the region as a whole is rather eclectic. Similar To Washington State, Okanagan’s patchwork quilt of microclimates and varying soil types growers have had success in planting grape ranges that grow in both warm and cool environments. Stretching over 250 kilometers and depending on a rain shadow between 2 range of mountains, it has a severe continental climate and semi-desert environment with low annual rainfall. While average temperature levels are low, July and August rise above 30 ° C and given its northern place, it has long days throughout the growing season.There are 248 licensed wineries and an overall of 929 vineyards spread over Okanagan’s seven viticultural areas. These are: Kelowna-North Okanagan Kelowna-Mount

Boucherie Summerland-Peachland Penticton-Naramata Okanagan Falls Oliver/Golden Mile
Black Sage/ Osoyoos The significant
red varietals are Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Franc

and Pinot Noir while Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris are the most appealing white varieties.Despite its relatively young winemaking history, the wines of British Columbia have actually begun to make
waves and are poised to take the world phase with its series of microclimates and winemaking styles led by both European and New World wine makers who have actually moved here to blaze new tracks. Vibrant, exciting white wines expressive of its unique terroir, unbound by custom yet embracing finest practices from the world’s significant wine areas, the Okanagan Valley lies at the amazing crossway of the Old and New World. Source

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