Home Food

CFO Class B Operators can offer directly to customers and indirectly to Permitted Retail Food Center Operators (markets, pastry shops, restaurants and so on).

A “Class B” COTTAGE FOOD OPERATION, which is a COTTAGE FOOD OPERATION that might participate in both direct sales and indirect sales of home FOODSTUFF from the HOME FOOD OPERATION.

“Direct sale” means a deal within the state in between a COTTAGE FOOD OPERATION operator and a CUSTOMER, where the CUSTOMER purchases the cottage foodstuff straight from the HOME FOOD OPERATION. Direct sales include, however are not limited to, deals at holiday fetes or other short-lived occasions, such as bake sales or food swaps, transactions at farm stands, accredited farmers’ markets, or through community-supported agriculture subscriptions, and deals taking place personally in the HOME FOOD OPERATION.

“Indirect sale” implies an interaction in between a COTTAGE FOOD OPERATION, a third-party retailer, and a consumer, where the CUSTOMER purchases home FOOD products made by the HOME FOOD OPERATION from a third-party retailer that holds a valid permit issued pursuant to Area 114381. Indirect sales include, but are not limited to, sales made to retail shops or to RETAIL FOOD facilities where FOOD may be instantly taken in on the PROPERTY.


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