Beer less expensive as AP revises alcohol rates|Hyderabad News

Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh on Thursday lowered rates of lower category liquor however increased rate of medium to greater categories. In lower classifications, prices were cut by 25% to 45% and in higher categories, costs were increased by 33% to 45%.
The prices were increased in six categories while the rate of one category remains the same. The rates of beer and ready-to-drink varieties were decreased by 30% consistently. While mentioning that it was devoted to execute restriction in a phased manner, the government validated the rationalisation of liquor costs citing 2 factors.
The federal government said that there has actually been an unexpected spike in alcohol smuggling cases after upward modification of alcohol rates in May. According to the enforcement data from Unique Enforcement Bureau (SEB), liquor smuggling cases were increased by 321% from May 15 till July 31. The contrast was constructed out of typical variety of cases being reported for every thirty days.



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