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Chapelle de la Madone

by Robin Garr|May 7, 2021 Spring is here! Turn down the heat. Crank up the air conditioning! Open a bottle of light, carbonated white wine! Or not? Is there still any factor for our white wine tastes to change with the seasons? I’m going to say yes … and no. Archives|Subscribe (free!)| Previous short article:

Domaine de la Madone

Chianti? Gim me! Check out short article. A whiff of fresh wild strawberries, normal of Gamay, turns up in the beginning when Domaine de la Madone Beaujolais-Villages Le Perré is put, but with time in the glass it gives way to a more intriguing mix of red and black fruit and an unexpected shock of anise. Wonderfully balanced on the palate with 13%level of acidity, it offers bright and juicy berry fruit, bone-dry, tart, and free of oak, with stony minerality in the finish.

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< img width="200 "height="200 "src=" 150w, 200w, 250w" alt="Calvet"/ > A pretty light pink color, Calvet 2017 Crémant de Bourdeaux Brut Rosé pours up with a frothy mousse. Great raspberry fragrance adds an enjoyable hint of cocoa recommending Pinot Noir as the source of the white wine’s rosy shade. Crisp, fresh, and acidic taste with modest 12.5% alcohol, moving to darker currant and cherry fruit in a foamy mouthfeel. Made in the standard Champagne process.

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Italy's historic Chianti region.

by Robin Garr|April 23, 2021 Have I ever told you just how much I enjoy Chianti? Yeah, I thought so. However please indulge me while I invest a couple of minutes talking about my affection for this old Italian requirement … and tell you about another excellent one that cost me just over $10.

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Querceto Chianti shows a clear but dark garnet color in the glass, dark almost all the way to the clear garnet rim. Common Chianti scents of tart black cherries and dried cherries dominate the fragrance, with tips of spice in the background. It’s securely acidic on the taste buds, a character in Chianti that makes it a natural with food, but behind the tart entry you’ll find appetizing, juicy black-cherry fruit that lingers in a long finish. Its 12.5% alcohol hits the conventional requirement without being strong enough to intrude.

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Chateau Pey-Bonhomme-les-Tours gets its name from the winery's 17th-century castellated tower,

by Robin Garr|April 9, 2021 You’re a predator. You like an excellent steak, bloody and uncommon. And you don’t see any need to spend additional dollars for natural food. Exists any reason on the planet why you would wish to attempt a wine billed as “certified organic, biodynamic, and ideal for vegans”?
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Château Pey-Bonhomme les-Tours Blaye

This red white wine from Blaye on Bordeaux’s Right Bank is declared biodynamic, qualified natural, and using just native yeasts with low sulfites, and, the label states,” suitable for vegans.” It’s a mix typical of the region: Primarily Merlot (75%) with smaller sized parts of Cabernet Franc (15%) and Malbec (10%). Dark cherries, subtle combined berries and a whiff of cherry liqueur raise the fragrance; tart red fruits fill the taste buds, framed by crisp level of acidity, soft however perceptibly astringent tannins. A tip of chalky minerality joins cherry-berry tastes in a long finish.

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Mmm, pizza.

by Robin Garr|March 19, 2021 Why do food and wine taste so great together? To resolve this question that’s so essential to our love of red wine, let’s return to the fundamentals. Consider, if you will, a piece of bread. Think about a flatbread, round and warm. It’s excellent, right?Archives|Subscribe (totally free!)| Previous post: The numerous faces of Pinot Noir Read article. This fresh, young Bourgogne Pinot Noir from Nicolas Potel shows dark reddish-purple in the glass, shading to a clear garnet edge. Fresh, appealing fruit fragrances mix black plum and red berries with subtle smoky notes. Black and red fruit carry over as a dry taste securely framed with brilliant, palate-cleansing level of acidity. Soft tannins appear in mid-palate and carry into a long, clean surface.

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A bottle of Blu Gilvello. PHOTO: Terry Duarte.

Blu Giovello, an Italian white wine brand established some time back for the U. S. market, has actually just recently been “re-styled.” Learning of this, Neil Duarte had the ability to snag a few of the brand-new bottles. Here’s his report on this friendly white libation. Check out article.


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