Make an application for a Liquor License

< img alt =""src=""/ > If your organization offers with the importation, manufacture, circulation or sale of alcohol in Washington State, you require a liquor license.

A liquor license is a recommendation on your Organization License provided by the Washington State Department of Revenue (DOR) Company Licensing. You need to complete an extra Business License Application even if you already have an Organization License to get a liquor license.

After you submit your alcohol license application, the Washington State Liquor and Marijuana Board (WSLCB) will assist you through the licensing procedure to verify your business satisfies all licensing requirements.

Alcohol License Beginner’s Guide
If you are brand-new to the licensing procedure, please see our Starter’s Guide. This guide will take you step-by-step through the procedure of obtaining an alcohol license in the State of Washington. Click on this link to view the Beginner’s Guide.

If you have actually applied for a license prior to or need quick access to our resources, evaluate the short overview below on how to submit your application:

When to Use
Applications for a liquor license need to be submitted 90 days before the awaited opening date. If an application is submitted too far ahead of time, it might be administratively withdrawn and you will be encouraged to use closer to your opening date. If you are applying for a non-retail liquor license, you should obtain your approved TTB Federal Permit prior to using.

License Types
Utilize the descriptions in the links below to find out what kind of alcohol license you need.

  • Retail liquor license descriptions and costs:
  • Non-retail liquor license descriptions and costs:

How to Apply
You can apply online through Organization Licensing at and go to the liquor licenses section to complete your application.

In addition to using through Organization Licensing Services, complete an Alcohol Dealer Registration. Mail this form to the U.S. Department of the Treasury Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) at the address on the kind.

  • Keep in mind: If you are obtaining a Spirits Merchant liquor license and plan to offer to on-premises liquor merchants for resale at their licensed premises, or for a Red Wine Retailer/Reseller Recommendation, you will likewise require a federal Basic Permit under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act. This allows you to buy item for resale at wholesale rates, and a permit is required for each place where you plan to sell to another merchant. Make an application for this license online with at It is suggested that you post this permit on your premises with your other licenses.

for an out-of-state non retail licenses? View this page for guidelines on applying.

Not discovering a liquor license that fits your business?Alcohol permits cover a wide range of activities and can be issued to both organizations and private citizens. You can find a list of licenses and application guidelines here. You may need additional regional, state and federal licenses for your organization that are not covered under the Business License Application. To learn more on licensing requirements for your organization, contact Department of Profits Company Licensing Provider at 360-705-6741 or Source

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