Lodi Red Wine Country

With 85+ Lodi wineries, Lodi Red wine Country offers a remarkable variety of tasting chances.

Lodi Wineries Are Currently Open

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It’s simple to see what makes Lodi’s white wine experience so distinct. Lodi uses the uncommon opportunity to experience not only world-class white wines however to meet the winemakers, vintners, and member of the family behind the white wine. Often times, you will find yourself drinking red wine among a fourth-or-fifth generation winemaker, who is enthusiastic about his item and purchased your red wine experience. Conversations are relaxed, friendly, and invited in Lodi. Check out a winery or tasting space today and let us share our story with you.

Lodi Wine Appellation

It is difficult to discuss Lodi wineries without talking history and learning what’s behind the red wine. Lodi has been growing winegrapes because the mid-1800s and today is the biggest appellation in California with over 110,000 acres in production. Known for hearty Zinfandels, Lodi is likewise house to all of California’s leading ranges, and has long been the leading manufacturer for Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Red Wine, and Sauvignon Blanc. Today, Lodi produces over 100 different varieties and offers a large portfolio of diverse red wines because of the seven (7) various soils in the area, making it among the most diverse winegrape growing regions in the United States.

Lodi White Wine Occasions

A lot of weekends, Lodi wineries provide visitors chances to taste their award-winning white wines at distinct occasions. Whether you are a white wine lover or brand-new to the grape, you will discover many enjoyable and amazing things to do in Lodi White Wine Country.

So what are you waiting for? Our 85+ wineries are waiting! Discover how to take a tour of our wineries or take a look at the Lodi White Wine Path Map to begin checking out!

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