Centennial Event

2005 marked the centennial celebration of the California Courts of Appeal. In 1905 the first nine justices were selected to serve in three appellate districts: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. Today, the state Courts of Appeal comprise 105 justices in six districts, which now include San Diego, Fresno, and San Jose, as well as court sites in Ventura, Riverside, and Santa Ana.

As California’s intermediate courts of evaluation, the Courts of Appeal supply access to justice by guaranteeing that the law is interpreted and used regularly and uniformly.

Seven appellate justices posing together in photo From left to right: James A. Ardaiz, Fifth District (Fresno); Arthur G. Scotland, Third District (Sacramento); William R. McGuiness, First District (San Francisco); Chief Justice George; Roger W. Boren, Second District (Los Angeles); Judith D. McConnell, Fourth District (San Diego); and Conrad L. Rushing, Sixth District (San Jose). (Image: Michael J. Elderman)

Centennial Materials:

Centennial Celebration Keynote Speech (April 10, 2005) California Courts of Appeal 100th Anniversary Event Dinner, Keynote Remarks by ABA President Robert Grey

“Pursuing Justice: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” Centennial Brochure (11.6 MB)

“Pursuing Justice: The Other Day, Today, and Tomorrow” Historic Photo (1.7 MB)

Special Court Session Addresses (presented on April 11, 2005)


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