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Create your own free everyday updating ticker.The Lilypie website has been redesigned to make it simpler to use on all platforms, and easier to share your tickers.

When you produce or modify a ticker, you can share it by clicking the facebook, google plus, pinterest, tumbler or twitter icons below the sneak peek image.

In the My Lilypie section, you can display the ticker alternatives either by hovering over the ticker (on a home computer) or tapping on the ticker (on a mobile or touch enabled gadget). You can share the tickers straight from the My Lilypie section page, or by clicking Get ticker code.

Lilypie redesign

When you Share your ticker to facebook or Google +, the image is formatted to that website’s favored width and height, and the ticker text contributed to the description. facebook share Obviously, you can still include your tickers to your site, forum or email signature utilizing the code bits on the ticker code page.

On mobile devices there are two new menu icons in the header.
Website menu. Tapping on this displays a menu for House, Assistance, News, Due date calculator and My Lilypie.
Account menu. When you are in the My Lilypie area, this gives you access to account options such as My tickers, Update email, etc.

. Every page on Lilypie has been reworded and retested, and all the help pages updated but it is always possible that I have missed something, so if anything does not seem to be working correctly or doesn’t make good sense, please do let me understand. All the terrific feedback throughout the years has actually assisted to keep Lilypie running for over a years and I actually appreciate it.

Lilypie App today extension < img src =""width= "320"height="480"alt=" Lilypie App today extension "/ > I have actually upgraded the Share buttons in the Lilypie iOS App to utilize Share Sheets. Share sheets enable ticker images to be posted to Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Message and your Cam roll. In iOS8 other Apps that have actually allowed sharing (such as Pinterest) can also be added to the Share sheet.

In iOS8 when you have updated the Lilypie iOS App you can add services to the Share Sheet as follows:

  1. Click a Share button, either from the View tab, or when you have actually saved a ticker.
  2. Click on either the Share Mini Ticker or Share Full-Size Ticker button.
  3. Click on More on the Share sheet.
  4. Toggle on the Apps you want to be able to Show, then click Done.
  5. The App icon will have been contributed to the Share Sheet.

Thank you to everybody for all the fantastic feedback, please let me know if there are any other functions you would like included.

The Lilypie Android App is offered on the Google Play shop.


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