Sequence Knowing Goals

< img src="" > What is Sequencing and Why is it Crucial? Objective: Students will sort topic-related events or details in sequential order

Sequencing describes putting events or details in a particular order. The ability to sequence needs higher-order thinking abilities, from acknowledging patterns to identifying domino effect and more. Sequencing assists students comprehend and arrange product they’ve discovered along with assists them resolve problems.

Sequencing can be practiced in every grade and matters across the curriculum. In reading, students utilize sequencing to acknowledge how a plot unfolds from starting to middle to end. To conduct experiments in science students practice sequencing abilities to follow actions and to identify changes with time. They also utilize sequencing skills to put details in a specific order, such as arranging worlds from closest to furthest from the sun. And, maybe most evident, series is important to history, where recognizing the impact of past events is important to comprehending what took place after and why.

Associated BrainPOP Features

BrainPOP offers numerous features for practicing sequence-related abilities:

  • Challenges: Some Challenge tasks ask trainees to position occasions or info in sequence.
  • Time Zone X: The objective of this game is to put events in sequential order.
  • Make-a-Map (Series Template): This concept mapping tool consists of a series design template, or trainees can produce their own.
  • Series Graphic Organizer: graphic organizer for recording sequence of occasions or the steps in a procedure.
  • Writing in Series: This BrainPOP motion picture concentrates on sequencing in writing.

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