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< img src=" "> For students who discover sequencing tough, attempt these tips and strategies: Do the Obstacle job with trainees. You identify the very first occasion or item in the sequence, then have trainees come up one at a time to sequence the rest. Watch the BrainPOP Jr. movie Sequence. Though it might seem young, it will supply a fundamental background for understanding sequence.

ELLs have varying language proficiency levels, and so it is essential to offer differentiated jobs and language supports, such as visuals, sentence frames, and graphic organizers. Here are concepts to attempt in your class to fulfill students’ language needs:

  • Starting trainees show what they understand by sequencing images and adding labels or words, such as first, next, last.
  • Intermediate trainees sequence a series of ideas, events, or steps using transition words. Controling sentence strips is a fun and efficient activity for practicing series.
  • Advanced trainees describe a series or produce a cohesive narrative using several series words and expressions. Start with a cloze activity, deleting all of the transition/sequence words and expressions. Supply a word bank for students who require more support.

Sequencing Language

Understanding of particular words and phrases, such as the following, is necessary for sequencing:

  • Ordinal numbers (first, 2nd, 3rd … )
  • Adverbs (initially, next, then, finally)
  • Time expressions and stipulations (In the early morning, in 2015, after we got up)

Display a chart of Series Signal Words or Series Sentence Beginners.


< img src=" 408w, 150w, 100w, 470w, 422w, 182w, 185w, 174w, 75w, 205w, 623w" alt=" Capture" width =" 476" height =" 238"/ > Graphic organizers are practical in supporting sequencing skills. Here are some beneficial graphic organizers to use with your ELLS:

Flow Charts or Cycles

Sequence Graphic Organizers Story Maps

Actions in a Process

Submitted as: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12


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