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Exposed lurker …

Great. Now I’m imagining a huge fish-monster wandering the shores of Solstheim, all bundled up in a greatcoat.

He sees his victim approaching. It’s the Dragonborn!

He leaps out, steely talons of death ready to do their work …

He opens his coat and laughs, possibly thrusting his hips for great step.

And permanently more, no matter how long she tries, no matter how much she invests in treatment, the Dragonborn will never ever be able to eliminate that image from her memory.

Really, the very first time I ever got to Freeside and was confronted by those guys that show you the dead body and try to rob you, when the guy told me to follow him to see something, my very first idea was he was gon na take off his clothes, and I was gon na need to belt him one upside the head.

I was close, however (thankfully) not right on.

And really, since I never ever did say hi or anything even in my first posts, here it is.

Hi, everyone! I have pertained to consume your material!


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