Party Preparation Checklist: 31 Steps to the Perfect Celebration

Party planning takes some time, imagination, and the capability to remain organised. Unless it’s a small event for friends and family, preparing a celebration should be a structured procedure with carefully specified actions. That opts for any type of celebration, be it a throwback Disco party or a Halloween celebration for kids.

Our celebration planning list must help keep you on track. Not every action is relevant for each celebration, however keeping them in mind will make you a better party organizer in no time. Follow this checklist to ensure you don’t avoid some important actions, like getting enough food for everyone. Starving guests do not a fun party make.

Well beforehand

    Date & time: Settle on the date and time for your celebration. Attempt to schedule the celebration so that it does not contravene any major events, holidays, or celebrations. This way, you’ll have a better possibility of individuals appearing.

    Place: Where will your party happen? Will it be outside or inside? At someone’s house, a restaurant, a bar, or in other places? Start thinking about possible particular venues.

    Style: Select whether there’s going to be a theme. What’s the event for the celebration? Is it to mark a particular event or “just because.” Will individuals need to dress up in official wear or costumes?

    Audience: Discover what kind of people this party would appeal to. Where can you discover them? (What offline or online forums do they use?) Start making a tentative visitor list.

    Menu: Will you serve food and drinks? Will individuals have to bring their own? Start thinking about your possible wish list and catering options.

    Team: Decide whether you’re flying solo or will have other people assisting you plan and run this celebration. Collect a group and agree on who’s responsible for what aspect of the party planning.

    Spending plan: What costs can you anticipate for leasing a location, buying food, paying for home entertainment, personnel, and so on. Will you be charging your visitors entrance charges or offering tickets to try and offset a few of those costs. Are you attempting to make a profit?

One month prior to

    Programme: Time to start preparing a more detailed outline of the celebration programme. Will there be parlor game? Other entertainment in the kind of a live band, a DJ, some dancers, and so on? Try to put together a rough schedule of the day.

    Equipment: Now that you have an idea of the programme, it’s time to take stock of what devices you’ll require. Speakers, projectors, things for the games, and more. Will your entertainers bring their own devices or will you offer a few of it? Start positioning orders on bigger equipment with long shipment times.

    Venue: It’s also time to secure the place for your celebration. Make sure you reserve the restaurant, have a signed agreement with the conference hall, or whatever is applicable in your case.

    Vendors: Likewise, make certain to begin shortlisting suppliers and negotiating agreements on food delivery, flower arrangements, balloons, and so on.

    Occasion page: Develop an occasion page for your party that brings all of the above together. It should describe the essential information about your celebration – time, location, program, and so on. Typically, your occasion page is also where you’ll be tracking RSVPs or selling your tickets.

    Invitations: Send out invitations to your visitor list. These invites can connect back to your occasion page so that individuals can find out more and sign up.

    Promo: Start promoting your celebration on all the channels and social media where you expect to discover your prospective audience. Ask those who’ve currently registered to get the word out to their friends and networks. Do not forget offline promotion, if it makes sense in your case: Posters, leaflets, and so on

. Two weeks prior to

One week prior to

One day prior to

On the day

After the party is over


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