Event, Florida– Welcome Home

RFP Task Force

face to face, 851 Event Ave./ teleconference

Locals are asked to participate in virtually.

Thursday, May 6, 2021, 7 p.m.

. In an effort to secure the privacy of our citizens, the Association and the business being talked about, satisfying info will now be offered via a password-protected page on the celebration website, at https://celebration.fl.us/celebration-community-governance/meeting-information/

All Event locals have the ability to access this page by utilizing their username and password for www.celebration.fl.us. If you need assistance, the page provides a ‘forgot password’ option. Residents can also email town.hall@celebrationtownhall.com for help.

Information on how to sign up with each meeting from another location is listed with the proper conference details. Employ numbers are likewise listed and are the very same for each meeting. Please note– there is a new meeting ID for each conference.

Since these meetings are for the function of performing Association organization, we ask that you not share conference qualifications publicly.


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