Welcome to Echo West Vineyard

Lloyd and Lois Piercy are the 2nd owners of this 3,600 acre, 1865 Cunha Ranch, Echo, Oregon. Purchased in 2002, they knew instantly the bluffs were an ideal terrain for wine grapes. The 39-acre vineyard was established in 2004 with these ranges: Tempranillo, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. In 2005, obstructs of Muscat Canelli and Orange Muscat – Zinfandel in 2006 – and in 2009, Pinot Noir and Carmènére were planted.

Estate Echo West Ranch & Vineyard beings in Oregon’s Columbia Valley AVA (American Viticulture Location), Echo, Oregon. Its wind swept and sunny Southeast slopes perch on the bluff ignoring the Umatilla River. The steep surface at 850-foot elevation with deep volcanic ash make an unique terroir for growing durable, full-flavored grapes.


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