We are present to you with the best wedding dresses from the most popular bridal designers here. Uniquely cut to fit most body shapes, we are sure that you will fall in love with most of these wedding dresses collections and be spoilt for choice.

Among our variety of wedding dresses, are A-line dresses, Ballgowns, simple, beach, and other variations. Have a look-see and be inspired to find the one that will make your hopes for a dream wedding come true in 2021.

Best Gowns

Frequently Asked Questions



What wedding dresses are best for what body types?

Wedding dresses these days come in all styles and cuts, and sometimes it can be difficult finding the style that is best for you. The best wedding dresses are those that complement and even enhance your figure. Below we have tips on which style of dress is perfect for which body type:

  • For a petite bride. Brides who are 5’4″ and below will benefit from the A-line that flatters most body types. This dress will complement a petite bride by giving significant definition to the bust and waist area, and even more with a V neck.
  • For the hourglass figure. The mermaid gown hugs the figure, celebrating it in all the right ways. A feminine style, it is perfect for the bride with the hourglass figure, as it follows the contours of the body, and flares by the knees.
  • For a pear shape. Brides with pear-shaped bodies can balance out their figures by drawing attention to their shoulders. A high neckline, whether illusion or halter neck, will do well to draw the eyes upwards.
  • For the tall bride. A tall bride can pull off a ball gown beautifully, where it would overwhelm a more petite bride.

How much is the average wedding dress?

Typically, the price of wedding dresses ranges from $300 to $1,700. The average cost is about $1,000. However, there is a wide variety of wedding dresses available and you can easily find a number of cheap wedding dresses below, and others well above these prices

Popular Wedding Dresses From Berta


Founded in 2014, the fashion house, Berta, is named after its sole designer, Berta Balilti. The brand bases its styles on an avant-garde design style that constantly tests the boundaries of fashion in the modern world. Famous for being modern, bold and sexy, Berta’s designs combine mostly retro styles, with vintage materials. The designer’s approach to high-end bridal fashion is artistic in a way that continues to draw the attention of veteran fashion bloggers, editors, and publications. She is currently considered as one of the top wedding dress designers and evening wear in the world.

Sexy Wedding Gowns by Galia Lahav


Galia Lahav is a leading couture fashion house that prides itself on being able to provide custom couture gowns to women without the need for a physical meeting. This is made possible to the use of a unique technology that helps to produce uncompromising designs that emphasize personalization and customization in a way that is difficult to come by anywhere else.

A master in the creation of luxury apparel, Galia Lahav garments are known for their meticulous sewing techniques and high-end fabrications, which tailor to the unique needs of each individual customer, creating garments made for each wearer alone.

Dazzling Details Gowns From Leah Da Gloria


One of Australia’s premier couture designers, Leah Da Gloria designs express a unique understanding of the female form, creating wedding dresses of opulent detailing and European fabrications with an appreciation for sinuous design lines, which attract a large number of clients the world over. A bridal fashion expertise that leaves the Australian bridal landscape forever changed.

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Lian Rokman Bridal Dresses Designer


Known as the new generation designer, Lian Rokman believes that the unique style of every bride needs to reflect in the vision of her wedding dress. The wedding dresses collections of this brand has a number of designs, ranging from modern to romantic, classical and even sexy. Created from the highest quality materials and with immaculate details, each dress is created in a way that compliments the figure of the bride who will eventually wear it. These comfortable, sophisticated and organic gowns are masterpieces that any bride would want for her wedding day.

Anna Campbell Wedding Gowns For 2020


Committed to making the most beautiful bridal accessories and dresses from custom-designed laces, hand-beaded embellishments and luxurious silks, Anna Campbell, located in Melbourne, send their hand made designs to brides all over the world.

Comfortable dresses, which embrace bohemian beauty and modern glamor for a bridal elegance that is uniquely Australian. Whether your wedding location is a rustic vineyard, lavender field, enchanted forest or somewhere even more dreamy, Anna Campbell is sure to complete the magic of your once in a lifetime day.

Styled with the Valencia Pearl Earrings and Elle Chapel Veil with Blusher.

Moonlight Bridal Dresses That Are Wow


One of the most prestigious names in the bridal fashion industry, Moonlight Bridal is a brand dedicated to making the dream of brides come true. It is committed to creating the wedding gown that each and every bride dreams about before her wedding day. Launched in 1986, the brand provides luxurious looks of hand-sewn details and high-quality fabrics, at an affordable price. From styles that can be worn to classic events or even a garden wedding, Moonlight Bridal caters to the varying needs of the bride of today.

Pretty Wedding Dresses From Pronovias


A family firm that began as El Suizo, in Barcelona, founded by Alberto Palatchi Bienveniste in 1922. It grew into Pronovias in 1964 with the creation of the first prêt-à-porter bridal fashions by Alberto Palatchi Ribera, when he joined the company, during a revolutionary period that made wedding dresses accessible to all. The values of the company include respect, empowerment, stronger together, performance-driven and innovation.

Terrific Bridal Gowns By Enzoani


Led by award-winning designer, Kang Chun Lin, the team behind Enzoani work continuously to keep the brand at the cutting edge of bridal fashion design. Kang Chun Lin merges a timeless design esthetic with an avant-garde inspiration to create numerous custom made styles and designs for hand-beaded dresses, which take a huge amount of time to create. Dresses of the highest fabrics and Swarovski crystals, are what you will find at Enzoani.

Wonderful Wedding Dresses From Naviblue


Naviblue Bridal is a brand that engages in the production and sale of wedding accessories and dresses all over the world. It sells a large assortment of its products at competitive prices that satisfy a large number of brides and bridal houses. Naviblue Bridal ensures brides from all around the globe of the highest quality and luxurious dresses for sophisticated customers.

Marvelous Julie Vino Wedding Gowns 2020


A brand that combines a modern touch with classic style, Julie Vino has a distinctly unique stylistic vision that is different from most you will find in the bridal market. With one of a kind wedding dresses and evening gowns, each customer of this brand receives undivided attention for the creation of bespoke and personalized dresses to, sculpted to fit the body of the bride. Brides receive customized dresses made from the best, high-quality fabrics and feminine designs. Everything required to create the most magical dresses.

Lovely Bridal Dresses From Madi lane


An Australian based brand that caters to the bride with an innate sense of style, Madi Lane combines timeless sophistication with modern ingenuity to create dresses a bride can hardly say no to. The Madi Lane story is a timeless tale of ‘girl meets dress’, the dream of every little girl who grows into a bride. Each dress, an exclusive piece of beautiful art, and elegance of design made from high-quality fabrics, delicate appliqué and embellishments to create garments of modern contemporary couture. So, the dresses are made to fit each bride’s figure as well as personality, making each piece stand out like no other.

Modern One Day Wedding Gowns


One Day bridal is the beginning of a love story for a bride and a groom. Established by its creative director, Kyha, in 2011, it is a brand that has established itself as a leader of a uniquely designed wedding gown in the fashion industry. A brand that continues to push the boundaries of traditional bridal, it also creates its designs around the personal bridal experience of its founder. Kyha continues to create wedding gown designs that reflect her personal style, giving brides something different from the usual traditional white gown, and dresses that can give them an unforgettable and memorable experience.

Simple Bridal Gowns By Suzanne Neville


Made in Britain gowns, with designing and production undertaken in London, the Suzanne Neville brand, which began in 1991 is one of the leading designers of bridal and evening wear in Europe. Adhering to styles of traditional origins, the dresses are designed with the techniques of contemporary couture. Suzanne Neville is widely known for glamorous evening dresses simple elegant wedding dresses. Diverse collections of slim-fitting silhouettes, to full, romantic gowns of the most delicate hand embroideries and the finest silks. Most importantly, the brand continuously strives to create the most flattering shapes for each and every individual bride.

Stella York Bridal Gowns To Inspire You


The brand that offers beautiful and trendy bridal dresses for brides of every size, from dresses for slender brides to plus size wedding dresses. Stella York creates wedding gown designs which are so timeless, they stand the test of time. It’s many affordable collections, the latest of which features sexy details, feminine elements and grand silhouettes which encourage brides to make a statement that will last forever.

Fabulous Bridal Gowns From Liz Martinez


A brand which believes that each design should be an expression of a woman’s seductive nature and inner beauty. Liz Martinez is recognized as one of the most innovative and significant designers to come out of Israel. Each beautiful design is made from unconventional cuts, unexpected materials, strict attention to details and being flexible enough to flow with current trends to create dresses that turn the dreams of little girls into reality.

Excellent Made With Love Wedding Dresses 2020


Committed to creating, designing and delivering the most beautiful wedding dresses of our imaginations. Above all, Made with Love believes that every dress should be created with love, and this love should be evident in each dress. From their styling appointment to personalized service for each customer, and follow up correspondences, each bride is deserving of love throughout the process. An old fashioned approach which the brand is proud of, it results in the creation of beautiful and yet affordable wedding dresses and veils.

Monique Lhuillier Gowns For Non-Traditional Bride


A world-renowned designer, Monique Lhuillier’s designs capture the essence of sophistication and luxury, with wedding dress designs that provoke a sense of allure, glamour, and femininity with every dress. In other words, by creating dresses that can be luxurious and playful at the same time, the brand has become a home to brides who understand the art in fashion. This idea is prevalent in all the ready-to-wear day and evening dresses, as well as accessories and bridal collections of the brand.

Pollardi Fashion Group — Bridal Gowns 2021


The Pollardi story began in 2012. It was then that chief designer developed the first wedding models, which the brides immediately liked. They were truly admired and, as a result, quickly sold out. Soon the first collections were born. And after a few years, brides from the USA and Europe enthusiastically tried on them. And in 2018, dresses of the Pollardi brand became incredibly popular in the Chinese market.

We are sure that you will love Pollardi wedding dresses and choose the one. Let’s check it out you won’t regret it!

Chic Bridal Gowns From Lee Grebenau

One of Israel’s most famous wedding dresses designer, Lee Petra Grebenau brand is popular for its luxurious evening gowns. Carried by exclusive bridal stores worldwide, its specific style lies in its exquisite hand-sewn embroideries and signature couture craftsmanship. In addition, with the use of the finest fabrics, it produces wedding gowns personalized and custom made for each and every client, from the one of a kind experience to the high standards of quality and fitting of the gowns.


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