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Fundamentals & Tasting Beer Learn the basics of beer, brewing, and the history of among male’s favorite (and oldest!) beverages. After you find out the fundamentals of beer– like the differences between ales and lagers– continue with our guide to discovering how to truly taste your beer.

Learn beer basics, beer history, and how to taste beer.

Serving Beer services has evolved well beyond the standard keg-and-solo cup (simply ask any of the increasing number of certified Cicerones). Here are some standard ideas on how to serve and enhance some of your preferred beers, no funnel needed. Learn basic tips on how to serve and optimize some of your favorite beers

Fun Beer Information With countless years to build up a history and culture, there’s a lot to learn about beer, some of it highly technical, a lot of it just plain fascinating … Learn how to serve wine and the reasons why we follow certain practices.

Beer Style Guide While many individuals never stray from straightforward Pale Ale– or possibly an IPA– or popular Macro Lagers, the world of beer is really extremely diverse. Learn about dozens of beer styles from the world’s most popular beers to extremely esoteric brews. Have a good time broadening your palate. Cheers! The world of beer is incredible diverse. Learn about dozens of beer styles.


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