Bridesmaid asks if she’s wrong to drop out of sibling’s

Newly-engaged women preparing their weddings frequently get a bad reputation for becoming flower-frenzied, detail-obsessed monsters …

While not every woman with a specific vision for her wedding event is a “bridezilla,” people who think that everybody’s entire lives need to revolve around their wedding day for a year leading up to “the wedding day” can in some cases leave hand. Requiring that bridesmaids cover their tattoos, wear uncomplimentary gowns so everyone looks exactly the same in photos, alter their hairstyle or spend an expensive amount of money on bachelorette parties or gifts is ludicrous. Wedding events are about 2 individuals commemorating their love for one another with their friends and family, and in some cases the whole reason for getting married to start with can get lost in the excitement of handcrafted centerpieces and specialty mixed drink menus.So, when a frustrated bridesmaid decided to seek advice from the online courtroom of moral philsophy otherwise referred to as Reddit’s “Am I the As * hole” about her sis’s questionable and disrespectful “Bridezilla” behavior, individuals were eager to help.

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