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Mina Ebrahimi is an amazing businesswoman
in the Hospitality Industry

Success does not occur over night and neither is it achieved by stating the “magic words”. Mina Ebrahimi, the CEO of Saint Germain Catering, has shown that success visits putting in hours of work and making strategic choices. Saint Germain Catering today is commonly understood in the corporate world for its catering services. The business likewise serves occasions such as BBQ and picnics, infant showers, anniversaries and birthdays, bridal showers, graduations, and funeral services.

For Mina, the enthusiasm for the hospitality industry began at a tender age of 11 years in Seven Corners, VA at her parents’ bakeshop. At the age of 26, Mina Ebrahimi set out to develop her own organization, Saint Germain Catering, which would grow to be among the leading Fortune 500 companies.

Mina Ebrahimi devotion to using remarkable services in the hospitality industry has actually caused her being acknowledged several times. Among her awards include Top 40 under 40 in 2010, wise CEO Brava Award in 2012, and resourceful lady of the year 2014. She has actually been a hands-on CEO through managing the businesses operations and applying her experience and abilities into kitchen area management.

Mina has constantly wanted to expand her service and guarantee it stays at the top. Back in 1999, the Saint Germain Catering handled corporate catering, today it provides full-service catering. The development has been owed to Mina’s devotion to making business better every day. Mina keeps up to date by going to professional seminars on cuisine, design, and style to preserve the business’s relevance.

Another aspect that has actually driven the success of Mina Ebrahimi’s success is how she treats her employees. Her staff members are her group some of whom have actually been under her wing since the business’ structure. Keeping her group motivated, empowered and satisfied has constantly yielded great lead to regards to staff member loyalty.

Besides being an excellent leader, Mina Ebrahimi is also a generous philanthropist. She has actually returned to the neighborhood through supporting Operation Homefront which assists handicapped soldiers, Mina is also the lady behind the one of a kind Interventional Radiology Vet program, the Jack Ebrahimi Program. In addition, she sponsors the Penn Vet Working Pet dog Centre to assist a pet called McBaine who detects ovarian cancer.

Mina Ebrahimi is a remarkable businesswoman who inspires many ladies of any ages to help attain their dreams.


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