14 Hindu Wedding Traditions You Required to Know

Hindu wedding events are dynamic, intricately planned, culture-rich celebrations filled with event and tradition. While the extremely essence of a Hindu wedding ceremony is the physical, spiritual, and psychological union of two individuals; it’s also about the coming together of two families through prayer and event.

“A Hindu wedding lies somewhere between the couple’s expectations while mixing their household customs,” discusses South Asian wedding event expert Jignasa Patel. “With numerous routines and mini ceremonies resulting in the primary event day, it binds the couple and both households for eternity.”

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Jignasa Patel is an event planner with over a years of experience in the market. She is the CEO and innovative director of K.I. Weddings, an event planning and style firm recognized for its understanding of South Asian customs and perfect fusions with American nuptial culture.

Wondering what else you require to know prior to going to a Hindu wedding? Here are some regularly asked concerns.

  • What should I use to a Hindu wedding? It prevails for visitors to use conventional Indian clothing, such as like saris or lenghas for females and long-sleeved tunics and trousers for males. “Build each occasion clothing as if you were surpassing yourself from the last occasion, conserving your most glamorous attire for the day of the wedding and reception,” says Patel. If you choose to choose a more Western option, bear in mind that ladies must have their shoulders, legs, and periodically arms covered. Guy should use long sleeves and long trousers. Both males and females need to bring something to cover their heads throughout the ceremony. Vibrant, lively colors are heavily urged, but make sure to keep away from white (related to funerals), black (considered unlucky), and red (the color the bride-to-be wears).
  • How long is a Hindu wedding? The occasions of a Hindu wedding typically occur over the span of three days with various events occurring every day. The primary event and reception on the third day along with the sangeet during the second day are participated in by the majority of the visitors. The Ganesh Pooja ceremony that starts the wedding occasions on the first day is typically an intimate occasion with just close family in attendance. “Be prepared for early morning occasions,” recommends Patel. “Hindu wedding event celebrations are based on auspicious times predetermined and supplied by the priest.”
  • How huge is a Hindu wedding? Bigger than the majority of Western wedding events. “An intimate Hindu wedding can consist of an average of 150 to 200 visitors,” says Patel. “You don’t just invite friends and family but, sometimes, the whole community from your home town. This number can lead into the thousands, even in the U.S.”
  • Will the newlyweds kiss? Generally, there is no kiss at the end of a Hindu wedding ceremony as an outcome of the primarily conservative culture. Nevertheless, this varies greatly on the couples themselves in addition to their families.
  • Will there be alcohol? “It is very important for participants to know that there is no alcohol served or gave the Hindu wedding ceremony,” states Patel. “The ceremony is impactful in numerous religious customs and custom-mades beginning at one-and-a-half hours leading into a three-hour-long ceremony.” While traditionally the wedding party is likewise alcohol-free, numerous modern-day couples and families are breaking away from this.
  • Should I bring a present? Gifts are generally not brought to an event, though this can differ. If you intend to present something to the couple, have it delivered to their home. The only exception is if you intend to present them with a financial gift, in which case this would be given up an envelope at the wedding party.

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Read on to discover 14 wedding event routines you will experience at a Hindu wedding and understand the significances behind them.


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