How to Commemorate Your 6th Wedding Anniversary

If you think your 6th wedding anniversary isn’t all that special, think again! There are numerous standard gifts that are special to year 6, and lots of terrific ways to celebrate your continuous dedication to one another. Here are some romantic and special gift and celebration ideas for your 6th anniversary.

Traditional Gifts

You can begin with a romantic setting, and make sure you have actually reserved time far from kids and work to enjoy your partner’s business. A charming dinner out is excellent. You might also consider a trip out of town, a special picnic, or an event such as a play or performance.

Now, it’s time to provide a special present. These are the standard gifts related to the sixth anniversary:

  • Conventional Present: Sweet (for sweet taste) or iron (for strength)
  • Contemporary/Modern Gift: Wood, which signifies a lasting and strong marital relationship
  • Gemstone: Amethyst or blue-green.
  • Color: Purple, blue-green, or white.
  • Flower: Calla Lily. In the language of flowers, calla lilies represent stunning appeal.

With many terrific signs and customs to pick from, it may be tough to settle on just one gift. Let’s explore some possibilities to consider.

Sweet Presents

Sweet treats are great, however you can surpass a box of chocolates.

  • Go to a candy factory together.Or, even much better, go to a candy location! Hershey Pennsylvania, for instance, is famous for its chocolate and likewise boasts a terrific amusement park and the Hershey Hotel. Anyone up for a chocolate facial?
  • Enjoy sweet liqueurs. Some possibilities include cordial-filled chocolates, Godiva chocolate alcohol, or chocolate martinis.
  • Get attractive with candy underpants, whipped cream, and a cherry on top!
  • Keep it easy with a stunning box of truffles in your sweetheart’s favorite flavors. Additionally, delight in a “tower of deals with” kind of present from a purveyor such as Harry and David’s.
  • Take time out to visit an area where you can see fudge being made, buy cent candies, or take pleasure in fairy floss. Possibilities include a circus, fair, oceanside boardwalk, or enjoyable tourist town.

Iron Present

Iron may not sound romantic, but what if the iron present you choose assists decorate your home or garden? Here are some remarkably comfortable gift concepts including iron.

  • A set of hand-crafted candlesticks
  • Hand-forged iron sculptures
  • Artisanal iron fireplace tools or screen (or both)
  • An individual screening of an iron-related flick, such as “Iron Man” or “The Guy in the Iron Mask”


Both turquoise and amethyst are semi-precious stones, which indicates they cost very little to provide. In fact, you may be able to splurge on some pretty awesome gifts. For instance:

  • A whole set of matching precious jewelry including earrings, pendant, and bracelet
  • A big blue-green belt buckle or bolo tie
  • An amethyst brooch or bracelet
  • A keepsake such as a jewelry box or card case set with amethysts or blue-green

The Spruce/ Margot Cavin

Living Trees

While there are lots of romantic gifts made of wood, some couples plant a tree together in their lawn. While the choice of a tree will depend upon your place, area, and budget plan, here are a couple of choices to consider:

  • An oak tree represents strength.
  • An evergreen represents the evergreen character of your love for one another.
  • A flaming red maple represents the flaming enthusiasm you have for each other.
  • A flowering crab tree represents love everlasting.

However what if you do not have a lawn? Think about making a joint gift of a tree or seedlings to a regional park, or helping to plant trees to restore a natural landscape.


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