Workplace party preparation

Ayako: Hello, sales department. This is Ayako speaking. How can I assist you?

Sam: Hi, Ayako, this is Sam from Events-4-U. I’m calling about the piano you desire at your Christmas party next month.

Ayako: Oh, excellent. It would be an excellent surprise to have one there for our boss for the night. He can play and it would be a terrific addition for the party. Have you been able to source one?

Sam: Well, yes, I have, however …

Ayako: But what?

Sam: Well, we’re going to either have a concern with the logistics or the budget, or perhaps both.

Ayako: Oh dear.

Sam: Well, we have actually found a baby grand piano, as you asked for, and it’s offered for the date you want.

Ayako: OK, great. So what’s the issue? Is it too pricey?

Sam: No, it’s within the budget plan you offered me, so everything there is OK. But it’s too broad for the entrance doorway into the building.

Ayako: Oh, I see. So what are our choices? Could we dismantle it outside and reassemble it inside?

Sam: Er, no. Sadly, you can’t really do that with pianos. But don’t fret, I make certain we can discover some innovative service.

Ayako: Do you have any concepts?

Sam: Well, we might hoist it up to the first-floor veranda. The door there would be big enough to fit it through.

Ayako: Great. That sounds like a good strategy.

Sam: That would work, though it would increase the expense considerably as we ‘d need a crane, an extension on the insurance policy and most likely two to three additional people to handle getting it effectively into the building.

Ayako: Oh, I see. Well, we can definitely stretch the budget plan by about ten percent, however we shouldn’t discuss that. If we go beyond the budget by more than ten per cent, then other locations of the party spending plan will need to be cut. And we don’t actually desire that.

Sam: OK, so this concept will not work then. Sorry if I wasn’t being clear. The substantial budget plan boost I was referring to would add a further fifty per cent. You understand, cranes are expensive.

Ayako: Oh … um … OK. So what other options do we have?

Sam: Well, how fixed are you on the piano being an infant grand? Would an upright piano be a choice?

Ayako: Hmm. I don’t understand.

Sam: It would fit through the door on the ground floor and trigger less problems. I have actually likewise got the choice on a really good white vintage upright piano, with black style work.

Ayako: OK. That seems like it might work. Could you send me over some images of it?

Sam: I’ll do it now, together with the rental and delivery details and expenses.

Ayako: Great. Thanks, Sam. Let me think about it and I’ll call you back later on today.

Sam: Sure, no problem. I’ll await your call.


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