Whatever You Required to Know About the Groom’s Cake

< img src ="https://www.brides.com/thmb/gnwlpbeWH30cXIk_V59BmqxC1rs=/950x950/filters:fill(car,1)/ bride-and-groom-with-grooms-cake-39d5eb6304d94bdb88606aa570d05851. jpg" > A groom’s cake is a golden chance to let the groom’s tastes and personality shine through. This is one wedding detail that is all about him. Like lots of popular wedding event custom-mades, this practice is rooted in tradition and has a special significance. The groom’s cake tradition began in England in the late 19th century and gained popularity in the American South throughout that very same time.

What Is a Groom’s Cake?

A groom’s cake is just a wedding event cake entirely affected by the groom, representing his tastes and favorite hobbies. The groom’s cake is generally served at either the rehearsal dinner or together with the wedding event cake at the reception.

Historically, the conventional wedding cake was thought about too womanly for the groom, and it was thought the groom must have a cake of his own. Go into the liquor-infused fruit cake, which functioned as a groom’s cake. Typically talented to the groom, this celebratory cake is most frequently included into the wedding rehearsal supper or showed along with the wedding cake.

The History and Meaning of the Groom’s Cake

“The origin of the groom’s cake is from Britain and was originally used as a 2nd flavor option to be served to visitors. It was generally a richer flavor of cake compared to the bride-to-be’s cake and typically consists of alcohol or chocolate,” says cake artist Rachael Teufel. Another old custom was for single women to take it home and sleep with the (hopefully, still boxed) groom’s cake under their pillow in order to have a dream about their own future groom.

Meet the Expert

Rachael Teufel is the owner of Intricate Icings Cake Design. She is a luxury wedding cake artist and trainer based in Denver, Colorado. Today, the groom’s cake can range from a chocolate reproduction of a sports arena to an edible tribute to Star Wars. “I frequently tease that it’s the something the groom gets to have at the wedding since his bride-to-be normally makes most, if not all, of the choices. But truly, couples today are preparing weddings that are representative of the couple, not just one or the other.” Teufel states. Due to the fact that the groom’s cake is considered more a wedding favor than the primary dessert, it’s up to the couple how they wish to serve it. When it comes to wedding cake rules, the groom’s cake tends to be sliced after the wedding cake– doing so enables visitors to have a choice in between two tastes.

Groom Cake FAQs

Do you have to have a groom’s cake?

Absolutely not. Like almost every other wedding event tradition, it’s completely optional. However if you and your household are having a tug-of-war about wedding cakes (chocolate versus vanilla, carrot versus custard), the groom’s cake can be an easy method to please nontraditional tastes without upsetting the wedding event cake cart.

Who takes the lead with the groom’s cake design?

A groom’s cake is typically provided to the groom as a present from his new other half. “Although periodically others have input on the cake design, such as the groom’s parents or friends, and in some cases even the groom himself,” Teufel states. “Every couple is distinct in how they tackle ordering a groom’s cake. Some prefer to be super deceptive while others let their grooms take the lead. It’s an individual preference, but many commonly ordered by the bride.”

When do you serve the groom’s cake?

Traditionally, pieces of the groom’s cake were boxed and offered to guests as favors, so there aren’t any established rules for serving it at a wedding. It makes one of the most sense, though, if both of you cut the very first piece together right after you have actually cut the wedding event cake. Then leave it up to the caterer to slice and serve the rest.

What are some concepts for a groom’s cake?

Anything and everything goes when it concerns carrying imagination in your groom’s cake style. Groom’s cakes can genuinely handle any theme, however the most typical are sports-related styles or animal styles. Everything from college or professional sports groups to outside activities like fishing and hiking. Some have actually chosen to represent the groom’s occupation like a set of dentures for a dental practitioner and a Wall Street bull for a monetary organizer while others pay homage to their animals, as animals can’t constantly exist on the big day. While a lot of groom’s cakes have a style, some are just based on the groom’s favorite taste like chocolate,” Teufel says.

When should the groom’s cake be served?

While the bride-to-be’s wedding cake is typically the center of attention, the groom’s cake should have time in the spotlight, too. “A lot of couples go with more than one flavor of cake, so it’s a fantastic way to assist divide up the servings among different flavor mixes. The groom’s cake can be shown along with the bride’s cake or displayed separately depending on the size and style,” Teufel states. “Couples can display the groom’s cake on a different table, on the bar, and even provided as a surprise to the groom during the reception (normally during toasts).” If you’re having a smaller wedding, then you might wish to think about serving the groom’s cake throughout the practice session dinner to prevent having an abundance of cake on the special day.

Is the groom’s cake still popular today?

To have a groom’s cake or not to have a groom’s cake, that is the question. “About 30 percent of my couples opt for a groom’s cake in addition to a wedding event cake. This percentage differs significantly on your geographical place though. Liing in Colorado, my company has great deals of clients from Texas, which is a state that enjoys groom’s cakes,” Teufel states. “It is an even more popular in the South, as that is where it was initially introduced by British colonists, however anyone anywhere can honor their groom’s with a special cake committed to them.”

How To Select a Groom’s Cake

Whether you unveil a delicious confection made from the groom’s preferred flavor mix or a creative-shaped cake representing his biggest interest, this unique reward reserved simply for him makes sure to be a hit. “The groom’s cake should truly be something unique for him or the couple as a whole. Often the groom’s cakes have excellent stories behind them. One bride-to-be asked for a maple-themed groom’s cake for her groom, which had some personal significance to the couple. The groom brings a maple syrup for her and her moms and dads whenever he visits Colorado,” Teufel says.

“I would state there is no incorrect answer when choosing a groom’s cake, it’s everything about adding a fun minute to the wedding through cake, and it makes for a terrific discussion piece throughout the reception.”


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