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Preserving Brewing History, Heritage and Art through gathering. As a driver for socializing, beer and brewing have belonged to our culture for a long, very long time. That includes pop culture. During the 1970s beer can collecting was among the nation’s fastest-growing pastimes amongst kids and adults alike. Frequently called a trend then, we’re here to say that beer advertising collecting is still alive and kicking, growing as quickly as ever thanks to social networks, online auctions, and a boom in craft brewing that’s introduced countless brand-new antiques with wild, appealing styles. And thanks to the fun and enjoyment it gives those who do it.

Gathering is fun no matter how or why we do it, whether it’s to embellish a man cavern, to compete with kids at school to grow a mega collection of caps, or to look for high-end vintage cans worth thousands of dollars. However or why you do it, the BCCA welcomes you; not just as a fellow fun-loving collector but as a steward of beer heritage!

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